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That's why parents live longer than children without children

Those who have children are more alive than those without children, because children also have an effect on the immune system, says a new study.

The older we get, the weaker our immune system is, which means that our body responds poorly to infections. Бm the baby's toddler's immune system is constantly "updated"because children can take home lots of infections. And this new immune system can be one of the keys to a longer life. Children without children (except, of course, those who are close to young children) do not constantly encounter new and newer moles, so their immune systems can be weaker.Children also boost the parents' immune system Miguel Portela йs Paul Schweinzer According to him, parents may have a much lower risk of death from an infection or, if this is the cause, about 5 years later than childless. According to the authors of the study, published in Scientific Reports, "the parental immune system is reborn in children when the child starts to become weaker. when their children have grown up ". Of course, other factors can play a role in life expectancy (such as financial status), but according to experts, none can have such a powerful impact as having a child. The study analyzed data collected annually from the British Census, 1971 and 2011. It has been found, among others, that women who have had children are less likely to die of cancer, heart disease, or infectious diseases. Portela planned йs Schweinzer tovбbbi kutatбsokat, because "bбr megmutatjбk the eredmйnyek egyйrtelmыen the цsszefьggйst children йs the vбrhatу йlettartam kцzцtt the rйszletek known mйg kevйsbй, йs valуszнnыleg mбs, viselkedйsbeli vбltozбsok also befolyбsolhatjбk, Why can йrnek tovбbb the szьlхk than childless. " (Via / via) Also worth reading:
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