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Too little vitamin D is dangerous

With high blood pressure during pregnancy, researchers have lowered vitamin D levels than healthy pregnant women. The disease develops in 2 to 3 percent of pregnant women, but in early pregnancy it is responsible for 15 percent.

Vitamin D deficiency can be the cause of many diseases

In the study, 50 infants who developed the disease had lower vitamin D levels than 100 healthy infants. In the preeclampsia group, the mean was 18 ng / mL as opposed to 32 ng / mL in healthy pregnant women. Normal vitamin D levels are around 32 ng / ml. Low vitamin D levels are associated with type 1 diabetes, childhood asthma attacks, heart attacks, certain cancers, and depression. Unfortunately, it has not always been shown that vitamin D deficiency alone is responsible, and that increasing the intake will help to alleviate the symptoms of the diseases listed. Vitamin D levels and preeclampsia kцzцtt. "Further research is needed to determine whether low vitamin D levels cause preeclampsia and whether increasing the levels of vitamin D reduces the risk of preeclampsia," he said. Dr. Christopher J. Robinson south carolina slush feminine. Vitamin D is produced by the sun in the skin. The process is less effective in black skin individuals, making low vitamin D levels more common. According to a recent survey of teenagers in the United States, 14 percent of them have low levels of vitamin D, defined as levels lower than 20 ng / mL. In contrast, half of teens with black skin had these values ​​or less. Of the 50 women with preeclampsia, 54 had low vitamin D levels (less than 20 ng / mL). In healthy pregnant women, this occurred in only 27 percent. Pre-eclampsia women had barely 24 percent of the normal range of vitamin D levels, and 47 percent of healthy pregnancies experienced it. was clearly associated with the development of early preeclampsia. A 10 ng / mL rise in vitamin D levels reduced the currency of the event by 63 percent. currently 400 IU of vitamin D per day is recommended for pregnant women. The issue was published in the August 2010 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.
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