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Eating disorders in dentistry - mamarexia

Are you afraid of being pregnant because you are oblivious, so you are not eating properly? Do you want to lose weight immediately after childbirth, run several hours a day, exercise? If so, you are also a victim of mamarexia!

Have you become obsessed with weight loss?

The development of eating disorder is a long, decades-long process, and its roots can be traced back to the age of half. Key concept a changing your fear.Already at a young age, changes that the child is unable to process may occur, which may make him / her feel unsafe. Such a life situation can be moving to the community, the parents' choice, moving. Children who are not sure about their mother are always afraid to leave them and do not feel safe. This frustration can also come with the following in every change, a new life situation.

As if nothing had happened

The same fear appears during pregnancy or after childbirth: The new mother is placed in a new, unknown life situation in which the old, normal behavioral system is not applicable, and the new is not. Many people find the solution when they are simply unaware of their new tasks and roles, and often the young man also helps. They live as they have been so far, and the queer role does not transform into a wholly father-mother role.

Control over all braons

Another characteristic of people with eating disorder, a rugalmatlansбg is actually due to the inability to change. They are not capable of processing new situations or adapting. If you try it, they lose the soil under their feet, they become insecure. At the same time, they have an unbelievably high degree of compliance that generates further internal tension. little, then they were born, naturally, or with a cup, and whether there is enough milk. With birth, with the arrival of the new birth, the newborn mother is uncertain and crazy. The latent problem, the eating disorder, the big change, and the loss of security that comes with it, reinvigorates itself. It also leads to the exacerbation of disease. overturning the agenda so far: the little one has no time for almost anything. After birth, the occurrences of the recurrence of eating disorders can be grouped into three groups:Pszichйs: the mothers' self-esteem fluctuates, they are negatively attuned to their changed shape, they do not want to accept this change, they see opposition in food and in old age.Biolуgiai: it may take several months for the new agenda to develop, and if the mother does not have effective help, she often goes to bed in her pajamas, too, because she has no time to eat or cook.The system of social relations: in this evolved life situation, the grief of childhood, the quality of the mother-girl relationship, the quality of the relationship, the relationship with the friends will change again, if you can you are significantly lighter than your body weight and you achieve this by fasting (BMI index values ​​are less than 18) energy converts) - bodily dysfunction (no matter how much you catch up, you always look like you, although your relatives and acquaintances can be almost as close as possible) - your focus is alwaysRegularly - taking regular or regular laxatives, pills, drinking tea to prevent fatigue

The healing is over

As with all psychiatric problems, eating disorder requires the patient to make the change. But if a person is completely talkative, his or her sense of reality is distorted, it is unable to perform its basic functions, and inability to fight, as well as the idea of ​​suicide also worries him, consult a psychologist / psychiatrist immediately, as only a specialist can give proper guidance there. A good person manages the problem in a complex way, examines the psychological, social causes, examines eating habits, and helps the patient, you can read more about his background and his weight loss psychology dr. Lukács Liza From the Table… Eating Disorders and Relationship Problems in the Book of Families and on article is published in the middle by dr. Lukács Liza is a specialist psychologist.