Do you really want pizza and bread? IR can cause it!

An increased state of health can be caused by stress, mental problems, or even more serious health problems in the background. Let's see these.

Carbohydrate is needed by the body, but don't carry it

Occasionally, sometimes we all find ourselves wolfhound when we like to produce cool and spitzy content, especially carbohydrates. There are many psychological reasons for this, or perhaps eating a little less than usual, but if it occurs regularly with normal meals, it may be due to insulin resistance or possibly diabetes. In the topic dr. Koppbny Victor, a BUD Endocrine Center PCOS and insulin resistance specialist.

Carbohydrates are needed, but no value is required

Carbohydrates are needed by the body because they play an important role in energy production and function as a kind of fuel. They also contribute, among others, to muscle building, immune system function, blood coagulation, and physical and mental functions. However, it may be that we consume much more than our body would need for weight, cardiovascular problems, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, how fast, Unfortunately, it is very easy to exceed the daily limit, as it is not easy to resist a fragrant event, a hot cake or a crunchy pizza. However, with enough determination and discipline, you can keep track of things, but there may be regular Urinary Hydrocarbons going to somebody, and then it is up to the man to leave the product on the counter.

Causes of hydrocarbons

Sometimes, everyone understands color, especially if they used to have a big meal in the past. It is also common to be followed many times during a stressful period of depression, as eating is a form of comfort and comfort. However, this period usually disappears after a short time. However, your mental problems can also lead to increased health problems due to vitamin / nutritional deficiencies - this can be quickly identified and corrected by a lab test by replenishing the defective element.It is important to know that insulin resistance, prediabetes it may also be the case that if you are consistently diabetic and sugar free. This is often caused by fluctuating glucose levels. If you take a fast-absorbing carbohydrate, your glucose levels will suddenly increase, which will cause more insulin to counteract the blood. However, this is a sudden drop in blood sugar, one of the signs of which is increased hunger, which is most likely to occur after sugar and carbohydrate. This makes it very easy for a person to get into a vicious circle. " one of the symptoms of insulin resistance is that after a meal, fatigue occurs 1-2 hours later- especially after generous consumption of fast-absorbing carbohydrates such as carbohydrates. white flour pastries, toasts, sweets. This is because your blood sugar level suddenly rises, and then your insulin levels are counterbalanced, and your glucose levels fall. This may be a health risk trembling, fast heartbeat jбr. In fact, it can often happen in the case of IR that, after eating high-carbohydrate foods, it is not much sugar-free, because the body is trying to compensate for the reduced level of glucose, "says Dr. Koppznyz Endozszyzzyzzyzzyzzyznyz.

You can see by color

If you are disturbed by persistent nausea (na), it is advisable to check your blood sugar and insulin levels, as if you are diagnosed with IR or other prediabetes, you may have diabetes sooner or later. Therapy includes lifestyle changes (personalized diet and exercise) and medication when needed, which can help to normalize outbreaks and reduce or eliminate symptoms.You may also be interested in these articles: