Kari, Tutu, Pitou and Haringer

You may have had a couple of imaginary friends in your childhood, or your child shared his breakfast with his parents. You may have been in strange situations at times, but don't worry, that's good!

- How old are you, Böbe?
- That's it.
- I want to talk to your friends. Mom said Kari was calling your friend.
- Girl, we have a lot with us, and we sleep a lot. We always talk. He scratches the gum as well as I do.
- Why are you talking?
- Because he likes to talk. It tastes like breast milk. He has a friend, Tutu. Tutu's son, and has already chosen to marry Kari again. He brought her a virgin. She knows Kari is a very good girl, always doing what her mom says. Kari fights with Cing.
- Is your friend Cinga too?
- Cinga, Sasa and the cousins ​​of the Baths. Girls, let's play it together. They can soothe themselves after a quarrel by comforting, hugging, and kissing them. If I am a believer, then the Kari will come and comfort me, because I will still be calm.
- Are your friends kids?
- Yes No. Kari also had a baby. Tutu is her husband and lovers. If Kari's mom leaves home, her dad will take care and play. Kari used to play with my babies.

Bцbe Two years of his life were published Kari, and then arrived for a few days Tutu, the three imagined cousins ​​have finally joined, and the nursery has been expanded. If something interests the baby, the request will also appear in the circle of trained friends. So they fell in love with Tutu Kariba and also gave birth to their baby. If Bube is in conflict with the flesh-blooded friends, Cinga, Sasa, and Pirtu are quarreling, and they arrange things, and the peace is holy. If Bubble meets something strange, scary, discusses with Kari, they come up with some reassuring answer, and Bubble is over to her mother, and finally talking about it.

We are full of the world

When Böbe began to talk about Karir, relatives were frightened: Böbe had to be immediately chastised because he had a public disorder, and even had to be treated. Fortunately, the parents were not hesitant for a moment to say that the little girl was perfectly healthy, and at the very least she was a fantasy of the average. Some psychologists still believe that a trained friend is indicative of poor sensation and even neurosis.
However, a survey conducted a couple of years ago proves that kids have 65 percent of friends, but they are not exactly sure about the nose of adults. Often ovisock is a real toy: plssica, teddy bear or baby gets personalized. The schools are rather invisible friends, adolescents discover entire countries and worlds, with hoods, homes, rulers, battles.
During the survey, there were no indications that children from imaginary comrades were anyway out of the queue. Slightly more are one and the largest in the sibling line. These kids generally like the company, and they are never shy about retreating into their fantasy world.

"As if" -kapcsolatok

- Jaki a "helkittis", populated in a pink box, and first appeared on an evening of our vacation in Italy - tells us Jean Orsi, our colleague. - We were preparing for dinner when my baby Jasmin asked if Jaki could eat with us. At that time, I thought you'd like to call an Italian kid he played dullet. As it turns out, Jaki is an invisible kitty, just like Hello Kitty, just a little smudged, more agile, and of course, one that can be smeared on.
From now on, Jaki sat at the counter in his desk and received a box of pinks to sleep on. Jasmine was able to fill more or less by drawing with Jaki or telling him. I learned countless times as Jake taught me what to do and what not to be a kind of baby kitten. Of course, we had to take Jaki with us everywhere, and we often missed him because he was awkwardly awake or just left. Jaki, Kari, and others are just as much out of touch with their small master as real friends.
Children know exactly that they are fictional, but when they play, they get in the way - as we shudder over an exciting movie, or just lightly over the pages of an influential novel. The little ones with their imaginative friendship are great opportunities to practice unfamiliar situations in their eyes. Between the ages of two and six, children form their minds about "how does the other person's thinking work, what other thoughts and insights might be."
With the help of imaginary peers, you can practice social situations, experiment, and get to know yourself better in a small safe environment. Having an imaginary friend can better sense what they think, what they feel in the real world, and how people do it. In other words, it is not neurosis that avoids these children, but, on the contrary, that they are more active in the real world than in the human world.


"Once upon a time, Jaki's sleeping box disappeared, even though I was desperately searching for him. We were dreading when she would find Jasmine, and we were thinking of where to get a new sleeper, which was a boon to the previous one, when my child with an angelic smile on his face gave birth: " I gave you the box box, okay? " Yak's half a year has gone, and since then neither hone nor ashes…

Direction of the world!

There are also famous, well-known friends. The Brontl brothers (Emily and Charlotte became famous) founded the fictional Verdopolis, then organized a country, England, with Gondal, heads of state, ministers, warriors, warriors.
Joanne Harris In the Chocolate Brandy, the six-year-old Anouk's friend Slippers on the handle. The movie version included a kangaroo, called Pantofül.
And finally, a domestic, unforgettable work: Ervin Labrz The little boy and lioness Bruckner Sigfrid, the lucrative circus lion, play the main role.