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What kind of sleep should I give her?

You may remember how good it was for your puppy to crumble his ears before falling asleep. Do you want to keep your little ones safe while you sleep? Let's see the options!

The stock development and The hunchback reflex of our eyes in the first few weeks, she lives very much in the baby: the little monkey clings to her mother's hair, squeezing the newborn's hand, and lying on the belly to cover the blanket or under the head.

Button-eyed teddy bear, leggy bunny, scarf, big dog. How should the baby sleep?

The most important feature of the first sleeper is a softness, warmth. A cloth, baby doll or animal cloth made of terry cloth, flannel, fluff, etc., has such a grip, especially if it is worn around the neck or limbs. well you can grab the doll. Later he discovers the eyes, the mouth, and looks at the faces fascinated. However, when sleeping, you can rely on it, so a flat, soft stuffed figure is best.
Soon everything comes to mind, so it's important that you there should be no detachable, loose parts on it, do not drain the color, and wash at least forty degrees. If you love it so much, you can fall asleep and carry it with you everywhere, so it's best to get the same gift right now, so it's okay to wash it out or lose it. Such a beloved thing should not be taken away a little, as it is the mother who puts it.
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