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Thyroid dysfunction: about 40 in every 20 women affected

Thyroid dysfunction: about 40 in every 20 women affected

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Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, constipation - these are among the most common symptoms of thyroid malformation, but can also occur in the background of infertility.

Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss - these are the most common symptoms of underactive thyroid glandDr. Reismann Peter, Semmelweis University II. According to the university assistant professor of the Department of Belonging, we can talk about middle-aged women at increased risk, for women over 40, every twentieth person can be affected. Appearance is also a question of tendency, most often chronic inflammation develops as a consequence loss of thyroid function. Diagnosis can be accomplished by blood tests and ultrasound, and when treated, chronic hormone depletion is used. Thyroid dysfunction is mostly caused by a chronic inflammation that can be triggered by a myriad of factors - greater stress, birth defects or viral infection. As a result, inflammation causes irreversible damage to the normal thyroid gland and hormone production at the thyroid gland. In addition to dysfunction, an increase in thyroid size may also cause cervical swelling, but this does not occur every time. However, overtraining of the menstrual cycle, fatigue, fatigue, weight loss, hair loss, and higher cholesterol levels are a common cause. such as lung, lymphatic drainage of the heart, ECG abnormalities, lumbar edema, muscle weakness, wheezing. Infertility can also be caused by inadequate thyroid function. The expert noted that both thyroid insufficiency and hyperactivity increase blood pressure, the former with the stiffer cranial wall, and the latter with the circulation acceleration. The thyroid gland is also frequently causes tъlmыkцdйse ingerlйkenysйget, koncentrбciуs problйmбkat, alvбszavart, nyugtalansбgot, testsъlyvesztйst, hasmenйst, kйzremegйst kivбltott is.A krуnikus gyulladбs thyroid alulmыkцdйst posts by these people can not be visszafordнtani, that is not hormontermelйst ъjraindнtani, бm tartуs hormonpуtlбssal ismйt full йletet йlhet the pбciens. So, if only this is in the background of the complaints, the unpleasant symptoms can be eliminated. Thyroid dysfunction can be present in congenital malformations, even after birth, but this is exacerbated by Dr. Peter Reismann after birth.
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