What can we learn from our children?

It is our job to teach our children the things of life through example and upbringing. But while we are teaching, we can also learn from the little ones.

1. Select a viewpoint

When we grew up looking out the window and at the clouds, we even saw a torrential downpour, made a nasty grimace, and sighed sadly. If our young child is released into the rain, it will be a bouncy jump, a whack, a dip. Children everywhere discover something wonderful. Unless there is an inhumane time out there, we'd rather go out and enjoy something like staying home and getting annoyed.

2. Never give up

If the evolution of smallness has come to the point of the good, you will try to climb up and down again, and it will not hurt you to fall back at least several times in the past space. When you start, you'll always have to travel a long way and be very proud of yourself when you finally reach the other corners of the room. You may be tired, resting for a while, but not giving up, and persevering to your goal. For a moment, he never thinks he will fail.

The little ones should exercise consistently

3. Forgive easy

To be honest, to be angry with someone is quite exhausting. Remember when, when this situation arose, you can become nervous and get sick on days, weeks and weeks when it comes to your health. Of course, your child can get a slap, a chuckle, and a slap on the face, not only at the same time, of course, because he or she may cry, but in a few moments he has forgotten his health. If we decide to forgive us for something, we should try to really let go of the grief and move on. We'll feel how beautiful the world has become.

4. Don't ask for help

When our children learn something new, for example knitting shoes, after a little struggle we are asking for help without feeling. Nor does it make them embarrassed if they are sent before the last move to have glory in the cones. With as many years as we can, we don't need to ask for help if we need it.

5. Honesty is always the best

All parents are well acquainted with the childrens' straightness, the little ones do not know other ways to communicate. There is no shame in the lives of those who are surrounded by them, if they are quarrelsome, the lunch we make with their bad grandfather and with great conscience will send their grandparents home when they are burned. This latter can turn in our heads, but we do not step into the field of deeds because we are well-educated. We always know exactly what you think and how you feel. Many times we choose the simplest way to avoid moments of embarrassment and calm our children down. However, we have thought about how we become accustomed to our own feelings in our adult age, and thus to the complexity and pain that we and our neighbors suffer.

6. Fresh air is the best medicine

Occasionally being lazy or doing so much at home does not expel our child to the air. As a result, the little one will become more and more irritable, sooner and later he will be bored, and at the same time we will come out of remorse, a stinging malady of a child, crowning our inner tension. When it comes to living in the living room, in the environment, in the middle of the ice, where you can run big, study beetles and play a lot, you will have a home just like every other home. for a moment and an inward look, we are surprised to find that our own stress levels have decreased a lot and made us feel better by the time we get home.

7. The little wonders of the world

We always think about something. Homework, submission deadlines, meetings, workplace intrigues all over our minds. Next to us, our crawling owl is loudly pointing out its latest discoveries, which we will not lose by the time. The ladybug on the bush leaf, the different colored cars, the passing puppy sweet boxwood. Thinking about it, we can realize that not only his goal is important, but he himself. Our child will teach us to slow down and rediscover the wonders of the world.

8. Finding ourselves

Occasionally, our toddler wants to spend all day in his pajamas, and even wants to go to his neighbor the same way. Moving to Genre, he goes to the playground. She loves the plastic glitter that she carries everywhere, and presents it to her friends like a pet. In adulthood, this behavior is not entirely normal, but our toddler is not concerned with who he thinks. You make every effort to make yourself feel good. We have grown up wondering if others think we are wrong. As a toddler, we can learn that we will be much happier if we focus instead on worrying about our own eating and not worrying about headaches.

9. Unconditional Love

Perhaps we all agree that the most beautiful moment in the world when our toddler weaves his or her neck around us is sorry and tells us how much he loves us. Childlike love is always unconditional. He loves us when we just scold someone, even when we don't love ourselves. It is worth thinking about how many beautiful moments we can have for our loved ones if we express our celebration more than just on holidays.

10. Let's save the game

We have grown up wondering why we really forget to live the moments of a day. If we allow our young children to act, they will realize that they will never stop. When you finish something, as soon as you move on to the next game, you run to the other swing, every minute of it, except for sleep time. We can safely say that he lives in the moment. It does not bother you to fall and still a little head, but rush on, because all the time must be used. He doesn't care about the melta, he doesn't care about the future. We may be a bit overwhelmed by the decades, but we can learn the moment again.
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