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Pregnancy after pregnancy

Pregnancy after pregnancy

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After childbirth, there is a need to conceive again after a certain period of time to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Pregnancy after pregnancy

When it comes to fighting again and what options to choose from, arrуl dr. Ildikou Lхrincz, the Center for Nephropsy's Nephropsian Endocrinology.

When do you have to fight again after childbirth?

The 6 weeks after birth give birth to the couple, so most doctors recommend that they avoid marriage. However, it depends on when they start together again, because there is one who is not looking forward to meeting, but there is one who would rather procrastinate because of fatigue, possible pain and what to do about the baby. When it comes to switching to a fertile method, it is important to know what changes are occurring in the mother during breastfeeding. The level of prolactin hormone, which is responsible for milk production, increases during lactation. However, this also means that to prevent normal ovulation, so menstruation is delayed (as a rule) while a mother is breastfeeding frequently. As the frequency of breastfeeding decreases significantly, less milk - such as prolactin - is produced, with the result that the normal cycle begins to return. When the cycle starts, there is first ovulation and then the first menstrual bleeding after birth, which also means that the woman is able to become pregnant again. (So, if you are lucky enough, you may become pregnant before your period appears, and unfortunately, you may not be menstruating because of your pregnancy.) Therefore, sexual life, worth using again.

What method do I choose?

If your mother is breastfeeding, it is important to choose a method that has no effect on milk production. A good solution for this can be hormone-free conception (like a rubber condom), but if you're thinking of a hormonal solution, egykomponensы (progesterone-only) supplements - minipill, injection - may occur. This is because estrogen has a negative effect on milk production. If your mother is not breastfeeding, the situation is simpler, as you can basically choose anything at any time. However, if you want to use an intrauterine device, it is definitely worthwhile to wait for the next 6 weeks after birth, because the uterus will be tight by then, so it will stay in place. Ildikó Lхrincz, a nocturnal endocrinologist at the Center for Bloodsmiths.

When you're sure you don't want to get pregnant anymore

If the couple has finally decided that they do not want a child, there is a chance sterilizбlбsra too. In this case, the mother's fallopian tubes (or male fallopian tubes) are blocked so that the sperm cannot meet the ovum. It's a life-long decisioncannot be reversed, so it requires careful thought. Therefore, we do not recommend that you have surgery after childbirth, because hormones can still play a cruel game, and after childbirth depression can be exacerbated, which can significantly affect feelings, says dr. Ildikou Lхrincz.
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