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It is much more risky to have cesarean section in poor countries

It is much more risky to have cesarean section in poor countries

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It has a multiplier risk of cesarean section in poor countries compared to advanced countries.

Cesarean section represents a multiple risk for mothers in poorer countries than in the developed world, according to a study by Queen Mary University research group.It is much more risky to have cesarean section in poor countries The researchers examined data from 12 million pregnancies. According to their findings, 300,000 mothers die each year in or out of wedlock, and 99% of deaths occur in middle-income and poor countries. In these countries, an average of 7.6 mothers die from 1000 cesarean sections, which is one times the mortality rate in the United Kingdom. Sub-Saharan African countries have the worst situation here 1000 nbls to 10.9 halbs However, the data is still more frightening in the case of stillbirths or short-termbirths after birth, the proportion of infants who lose their lives within the first week of life is: In poor countries, 84.7 newborns out of 1000 do not reach the age of one week. A quarter of women who die during childbirth in these countries lose their lives due to cesarean section. This is the largest analysis to date to help tackle the problem.In Hungary 4 out of 10 the proportion of babies born with cesarean section is constantly increasing, in 1990 it was still around 10 percent. THE WHO recommends that the cesarean section should be 5-12 percent. In Hungary, 1.7 out of 1000 births result in maternal deaths, making it 51st in the world. For Poles, this rate is 0.03 per 1000 births - reports medicalonline.Related articles in Cupping:
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