What about Barbie doll?

There are a number of toys available in stores that are incompatible with our pricing policies. There's someone who is disturbed by a rifle, a Barbie doll, a bank robbery. Not to mention adolescent warfare games. Look at the girls!

Can our baby Barbie get a baby?

When I was teenager I broke the Barbie doll. I was really amazed when our teacher of developmental lectures at university said it was good, because with so many extras, kids could play a lot of life situations. my kitchen, where plastic barbecue chicken was roasting, and real water was flowing from the real tap (if the tank was filled). You need a kitchen, plastic barbecue chicken okay, but what's this supernatural with eyelashes? When my baby was born, I was sure: Barbie babe won't get me.Not received. But the neighbor's little girl with a whole box ... If I had been an empowered, conscious, dedicated superwoman, I would definitely be in a position to handle the situation, since I can't throw the neighbor out of the box. Since my daughter was my fourth child, I had already come to the battlefields, and I knew it was sometimes easier to accept and accept: we failed.

Barbie versus currency now

THE Barbie babysit the currency most of all we explain it by fearing our girls a fake example something identifies. I have a huh (or bad…). Our soul will be identified with the woman we have received. This does not mean that it will be just like us, but that it will be ideal for us as well. At least in a young age, it is committed. But of course it turns out, because luckily it's not our idea. But his soul is always there in the pattern we have received. A huge doll of Barbie dolls is too small to put it up. What's the right woman for? The normal "woman" cook, wash, iron, babb rock? Is this always valid? You wouldn't want your girlfriends to be just those female values ​​for you, would you? What are you doing? Do you drive a car, work numerically, go to gym, run? Do you go out with your friends? You do it. Need some makeup? Of course. A dress in your style? Why not?

Unpredictable Beauty?

Well, Barbie doesn't really look like that. It is anatomically impossible to live with such waistlines, walking on legs so long. But this is not a new idea. World Pretty Lady it got into a nudge. Anorexic pattern? Rapunzel her hair fell from the blood tower to the ground. No such thing! Hamupipхke his foot was as small as anyone else's. Hуfehйrke and the most beautiful in the world! There is nothing in the fantasy of pre-school kids it would be medium.Beautiful girl, that is the most beautiful in the world, and the wicked is the worst in the world. And there's no excuse. That is why they are rewarded with talents, and this knowledge can be called to help them effortlessly compete in a complex world. They get to the finer details soon, with lots of good experience at their own pace. Barbie for babies is not ordinary, but ordinary. I wouldn't say it is optimal and smart. But not life-threatening.

Breastfeeding vs. baby bottle

Well, this is the other thing I would never consider myself. Cumisьveges csecsemхbabбt. But I also know if you had it, your opinion, as a teenager, would be the same about breastfeeding as any other baby. In fact, they are caused by whole societies because they are further exacerbated by their effect that babies cannot grow up without baby bottles. If children living in a child's environment can credibly represent that natural nutrition is indeed natural and baby bottles are bad enough, then the child will grow up with that knowledge.

The main rule

Of course, you can decide that you are not buying the child something you don't want in your hand and telling him why you don't like it. But oh no criticism, no sneerand don't make the game a laughing stock! Believe in it, and trust yourself so much that the values ​​you have planted with your example will grow in it. And buy or make her a Waldorf doll, baby cloth, show her how she sucked - if that's what you think is worthwhile. Help and respect. You're doing more than prohibiting.They may also be interested in:
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