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Symptoms and treatment of diet

In the case of foreskin, the coverage of the outer skin is so tight that the foreskin cannot be or only partially retracted. What can a parent do if he experiences this in his child?

Symptoms and treatment of diet

The foreskin - the retractable skin that covers the glans - is designed to cover the most sensitive part of the penis, and to facilitate the free movement of the penis during the sexual act. Phimosis is a condition where this is the case the skin of the cover is so narrow that the foreskin is not at all or only partially attached to the macula. This is a problem because it is harder to keep the glans clean, gyulladбs can develop. A narrow foreskin may, if left untreated, lead to confusion in the sexual life.

Symptoms of nutrition

The foreskin cannot be laid back. It can be a congenital anomaly, or it can be an acquired disorder, which can occur at any stage of life. At birth, the foreskin is just a skin chain that adheres cellularly to the glans. This adherence - which is not the same as nutrition - is solved in the first years of life. This is caused by an unknown skin condition. Because of the tightness of the true stenosis, when you pee, you may experience that the foreskin will look like a balloon full of water, and the urine will have very small amounts of urine. It is possible that the "tired" foreskin does not drain, ie no urine is lost after urinating. Pregnancy can be suspected if your child is restless or has pain during peeing. In these cases, it becomes difficult or even impossible to clean, and bacteria grow in the foreskin of the foreskin, leading to inflammation.

Diagnosis and treatment of nutrition

It can be diagnosed by physical examination. In case of urinary dysfunction, it can be confirmed by palpation of the bladder and ultrasound examination that the urine is left in the bladder. as far as you permit. The use of steroid creams prescribed by a physician and the use of a fitness tube are sufficient for resolving minor adhesions. At this age, it is advisable to consult a doctor if your child's foreskin is not at all or only a part of the back. Buy diapers frequently at diapers! In more severe cases, nutrition can be resolved by surgical techniques.

This is how you can prevent nutrition

It is important to emphasize that forcing a child on the globe is forced, routine backing is strictly prohibited, as the foreskin can crack and heal, and scarring can lead to the dreaded weight.

Tip for mother

If your foreskin can be backed up, teach your little one to always have a thorough cleansing (flowing water) part of the cleansing routine.Lecturer: dr. János Bуkay Infant And Childbirth, Pediatric GastroenterologyRelated materials: