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Leave a message in the mess box - your child will love it!

Screams, jokes, nice messages in the fire box that are guaranteed to put a smile on your child's face!

Leave a message in the mess box - your child will love it - If your child is in school, you should be alone between 8 ounces a day - and this is a great idea for most parents! Leaving nice notes in the box with your teaser will remind you the day you love it. The messy box messages also have the technique, we help you because you can try!

Why is the note so good?

Many studies have also shown that the positive reinforcement selection is a way of appreciating and improving performance - and that may be the choice left over from the Tzar. If your child doesn't think he has something like that in the snack box, due to the power of the surprise, this can be even more crazy. Believe me, the extra effort for him will surely be appreciated by the sapling and will have wonderful childhood memories of the messages. In fact, if you post a longer message that you can respond to even in your Tzars, you can get your mail back! The essence: get more creative!
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When do you know tomorrow? S going to be hard for her after 6 weeks off and she has a new teacher? # rockyear2 #lunchboxnotes #wordsofwisdom

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These are the best messages

Animal Shapes: it does a simple post-it when it comes to messages, but it is much more entertaining if you leave a daily note in a nice animal form. Be the giraffe, the lion, the dog, your child will love it!For humorous children: look for some kid jokes, and with washable felt, always write one of these on the sachet. If your baby is more of a visual type, you can make a fun clip for him.Remember something good: did you laugh at something at dinner? Have you had a super adventure with you on summer? Occasionally, you can write a longer message to remember them, as nostalgia will positively inspire younger children and strengthen your commitment.
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Hello everyone! :) Time has been flying since my second baby was born in February, and I got pretty sick for 2+ months of this year. Sleep deprivation doesnt help. This week started rough. I was coming in with something, had a headache for 4 days, my firstborn started preschool full time, and I was extra hormonal. Waking up earlier was an adjustment. I felt like I couldn't get my stuff together and was falling in negativity. But I realized that and tried to climb to a more positive space. Now that we started packing school lunch everyday, I started putting positive notes in my daughter's lunch box! I've always wanted to do something like this for her - now it's the perfect time to do it AND practice lettering again! For the first week, I just used my daughter's watercolors and Crayola markers? I will be posting them with the hashtags #preschoollunchnotes #withloveformydaughter # kiranotes_001:: #letteringwithpositivity #handlettering #lunchboxnotes #colorwithlove

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Continuing History: you can give a little "soap opera" to your child by getting into a story that always gets you just one episode, so you can't wait the next day to continue! Find something you like, like your favorite band.Btoret's Notes: if you know your kid is really upset about something, then leave him nasty messages like I know he'll be super good at math dog or you will be very crazy in ground exercises!To play lovers: if your child loves puzzles, games, you can create a maze for them, a searcher, a crossword puzzle that you can solve during lunch.I love you because: sometimes it is good for everyone to remind them of their special good qualities and that they are very lovable. Leave a message in your child's box that you love. You don't have to list the entire list at once, only one point at a time.Verselj: children love humorous poems, so if you like to write poems, this box is a great thing to do. It can be a haiku, a funny poem, or a lullaby, or if you have a poet for your favorite children, you can ask him some poems.Draw your favorite character: cartoon characters, video girl characters are liked by almost every child, so draw whatever you love. If you are not so crazy about it, print her a little color about her favorite.
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Happy Friday! Who's ready for the weekend?!… #Lunchboxnotes #lunchnotes #lunchboxart #kidslunchbox #ipadart #sketchdaily #disney #disneyart #shanecreates #hadesdisney #disneyvillains #draw #sketchbook

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Kincsvadбszat: kids love treasure hunting, so you can plan a baby for a week or so. Always hide a trace in the box that will take you to a home sign that is also linked to the next day's trace. When you have collected everything by the end of the week, you will find a small gift on Friday.Motivational messages: if your child has a bigger sporting event to play in, choose a quote that counts every entry, and don't be fooled even if you don't win. But you can choose self-confident, thoughtful quotes when your seedling is bigger.Hбlalista: occasionally it's worth putting 1 to 1 in the box, which is just a matter of numbers, and a request that I've been dying for lately. This encourages your child to think 1-3-5 of the things he or she has just done.Surprise with a photo: you can also occasionally put a family photo, a holiday photo, and a photo of your favorite programs filled with friends with a nice, personal message in the back.Special napkins: if your child loves patterned napkins, you may want to collect more than one of them, so you can always pack another special piece along with the Uzsi and write your message.Matricбk: your little kids are big fans of stickers, so you can smuggle one of these along with your message. Encourage your child to occasionally stick one of these to a friend's booklet, a book, as a spontaneous kind act. No matter what you write or draw, it will strengthen your confidence, your relationship, and csodбs childhood memories there will be these messages too!(VIA) Related links: