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DIY: That's how you need to make your groceries

I think there are few kids who do not like milk veggies (or their substitute if your milk whites are from sensitive children), the grilled pork. However, not only is the wheat meal useful in the kitchen, it can be used to toss a child into a cobweb.

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It is also a great success for the little ones because they can create show pictures. My baby was still ovis when we used to make seedlings with a group of kids on a birthday, using mugs, wheatgrass, cornmeal, peppercorns, lentils, flaxseed. This came to my mind when we were making pictures of colorful sand in a fairground business.Of course, when my little boy came home, he wanted some new pictures, but he wasn't home, and he was just busting out of the fruit. So instead of making a picture, I had to figure out some different things for the kid, but I thought about how to color the grays. Because it swells with water, the liquid food paint solution is ruled out. The idea came, what if I painted it with pencil powder? I quickly burned it out and worked, put the powder cut with the sharpener, put it in a bag of wheat, and collected it well, shaking it.And lo and behold, the grayscale is ready.This is the best way to glue a picture, the simplest is to print a color and then paste the part you want to color and apply a colored piece in a tray. Then we press it down a little, then we remove the excess from the paper.Surplus should be collected on a reasonable basis.For larger seeds and decorative sand, a stronger adhesive is recommended, as the eyes do not adhere properly. If you want to cheer up your make-up, you can use a layer of deco-glue or a strong hairspray.Related articles in DIY: