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Swallow it, baby!

Many of us may have bad memories of childhood as our mother approached the tablespoon with a shrunken face, a broken tablet, or some unappealing fragrance and nasty syrup. There are now child-friendly solutions.

The shape is not shaped either

Whether you are on drugs, you need the vitamins and minerals you need tбplбlйk-kiegйszнtхrхl or fortified, you can get more and more available in a variety of formulations, including tablets, capsules, powders, drinks, syrups, drops, lozenges, and effervescent tablets. There are some that contain only one kind of vitamin, active ingredient, and there are several "active ingredients" that combine several active ingredients, and more and more vitamins enriched with minerals and trace elements.
Many people prefer to use drugs similar to drugs foods fortified with vitamins like vitamin fiber juices, muesli, cookies, etc. looking. Changing the formulation is not just a fashion, it is worth considering the choice of who, at what age, what problem, in particular, how much you want to take with it, etc ... For example, It is more worthwhile to bring it into the body in a "pure" form, because the multivitamins would only contain the amount of the necessary intake that would burden your body with excess amounts of other vitamins.
Some of the vitamins (eg Vitamins A and D) are highly toxic when overdosed, while others, although they have no detectable toxicity, are considered to be an unnecessary burden on the body. The choice of formulation will also depend on the length of time the child is to be given the vitamin, since the duration of application, the ease of dosing, and especially the willingness of the child to accept.

Traditional shapes

THE vitamins for tablets are still the most common. It is advantageous to be inexpensive, easy to dispense, to store, to transport, and to have a longer shelf life than powders or liquid vitamin formulations. They have the disadvantage that the smaller the child, the less the ability to swallow, being "double-spooned" or otherwise, is not very sensible, and more difficult to administer to the child.
Among the oldest forms belongs to the powder: For example, powdered vitamin C is preferable when taken in high doses. It has the advantage that it does not contain any filler, binder or additives that can cause allergies, but has the disadvantage that it is much harder to measure the right amount. Capsules, like tablets, are easy to store and deliver, mostly packaged in fat-rich vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, and E.

Drops for drops

Liquid formulations, such as drops, syrups, and powder powders, are recommended for those who are unable to swallow tablets, capsules, and may be more advantageous to young children. They can be mixed well with beverages, tea, milk, but it is worthwhile to read the instructions for use carefully in all cases, as there are some remedies, such as it should not be mixed with milk, it may not be recommended at the same time, etc.

Syrups are more popular with children

Some people find that the drip is easier to measure than the syrupy form. THE drops his or her genius is usually neutral or bad, a syrups but they were fresh, so they were chosen according to one's taste. Experienced parents have found that this is completely child-dependent: there are those who are buns, others are orange, lemon, currant, etc. She prefers watering, sometimes parents choose a pet in a way that is completely opposite to their taste or blood, or they decide to reject it completely.
If the composition of the ingredients is the same, it is worth experiencing which one is best suited to avoid "close combat" with the child during the check-in. Whatever the level may be, the idea of ​​a mum who offers syringe delivery (in addition to some flame retardants) that can "kill" a child is what the idea of ​​a syrup dosage for troubled children is.

Sparkling and chewable tablets, figurines

Manufactured companies fight children and through them the grace of parents, and come up with new ideas. Colors, figurative shapes appeared on the market with animal and fairy-tale characters, various screenings, pezsgхtablettбs variants, in increasingly acceptable ways.
However, it should not be forgotten that in any attractive presentation, the present preparation is not a novelty, that is, it should not be treated as a kind of dessert; it should be kept out of the reach of children and should be administered along the correct dosage, otherwise it will either fail to achieve its purpose or cause overdose.
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