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Could my child be left-handed?

Do you often take the spoon into your left hand, even after it hits the ball? Granny or your neighbor's Uncle encourages you to use the "handsome" hand, and you don't know what to do? We asked the specialist.

Left hand drawingEven before school, you have to decide which hand will dominate the child. Parents should not force the use of either the left or the right hand, but in case of uncertainty can be done at home, you can quickly figure out by simple practice which hand to give your pencil to on the first day of school - explains Kiss ElizabethPresident of the Hungarian Left-Handed Association, who is the mother of two left-handed children.

Will your left side be stronger?

At the same time as the speech is formed (18-20 months), the right or left hand dominates. By the time your child becomes bipedal, you will usually be able to see which hand is used to perform subtle, learned movements, and slowly kцrvonalazуdik it is also left or right-eyed, -fat and -flesh. Lateral dominance is unambiguous if all the seedlings are dominated on the same side. Most left-handed people are left over from the body parts listed here, left-handed ones are right, but right-handed ones are right, but there are exceptions (this is called cross-domination).


You have to know that left-handed ones, too there are grades. Fully left-handed people use left-handed hands in every area of ​​life, but left-handed people use the right hand and left hand equally. Slightly right-handed people - although they are probably left-handed - tend to call their right hands for many things. Navigating between these degrees is not always easy without the help of a professional, so even if your little one is left-handed, and where the left-hander is, the most advanced is the smallest!

Watch it at home while you're playing!

Before going to a specialist, you should also go home with your eyes open. Also note in the following tasks which hand is dominant: - Draw circles: Circles drawn in opposite directions can be drawn by dominant hand.
- Ask him to draw his palm.
- Notice which hand holds the toothbrush when brushing your teeth!
- Well, drop something on the floor, possibly a rolling object! Observe with which hand he spat!
- Buy a classic folded cardboard box, close it and ask the little one to open it!

Let it, don't get used to it!

If your "abnormal" child uses all of his or her left-overs alone, do not force others! Let him stop the spoon, grab the crayon, and ask the owls to let this hand in the nursery shine. Re-education should not come to a halt, as we know today that with countless negative consequences jбrhat."I met a kid who, after being educated, constantly wanted to cut off his left hand. Since then, he has behavioral and learning disabilities."
What happens when you get started? We dominate the dominant minds, that is, the weak, while the other minds are made to work. This is the reason why parents who are born with the right will of the parents can start stutter, behavioral disorders, learning difficulties, movement coordination problems - Erzsébet Kiss lists the main consequences. Inferiority, reckless behavior, defiance, binge drinking, and anxiety that affect them can only make things worse.

He's left-handed in the family

Since left-handed users are not available for everyday use, they should be given the opportunity to use tools that are specially designed for them. In kindergarten, all you have to do is ask the children to sit on the left side of the desk - without disturbing the person sitting next to them with their hands - to get a left-handed one, and at school to have a left-handed one. that there will be people around your child (educator, older relative) who are zucchini, dirty because they use the "poor" hand to play and make it more frustrating Explain to her that left-handedness is not a disease, but a specialty, and perhaps think about whether or not there was a relative in the family who was left-handed. Perhaps she's proud to be a bit like a loving grandfather or cousin.
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