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Symptoms of cerebral palsy in children

Many people know that one can lose his or her mind by brainstorming, for example, if you have a sports accident. However, this is a grave loss, with almost any headache, even without loss of consciousness.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy in childrenIt is also believed that most sports would be fatal while playing sports: in jet skis, in car and bicycle accidents, in battles, and even in minor incidents.

The cerebellum

Brainstorming is a kind of property traumatic brain. Fortunately, the skull that protects the brain is not so sombre, it is less common here. However, in a series of deaths, the brain can hit the bony skull, which can lead to blemishes and confusion, but it can also have more severe consequences. After all, as mentioned before, brain attacks can have very serious consequences, even if you can die. So, if your child shows signs of brainstorming, get him to a doctor right away!

Signs, symptoms

There are times when a sad child loses consciousness, but that does not happen in every brainchild, so it would be a mistake to rely on this single sign. You may be brainwashed if your child: - feels frustrated or dizzy, - moves clumsily and has a poor balance, - responds slowly to questions, - loses his / her mind, if he / she knows for a moment what you do, - it is difficult to remember events that precede or follow your life, - behaves strangely, behaves in an unusual way, - complains of headaches, - feels nausea, vomiting, - is sensitive to sounds or is light it may be that the symptoms of cerebral palsy do not necessarily occur in the last few minutes of killing, they may only apply from 24-72 urns these.

The doctor

If you take the child to a doctor, the doctor will surely ask you how and when the child was crippled and when the symptoms occurred. And the child is asked a few easy questions to find out how small the child is, for example, asking what day it is or if the child knows where. First and foremost, the doctor tests the child where see your coordination, your reflexes, your nervous system. You may also need to have an X-ray done by your doctor, such as a CT or MRI, to rule out bleeding or other problems caused by bruising. only re-enter the community if it is completely asymptomatic. Also, make sure you don't exercise for a few days (via)Related articles in Brainstorming:
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