The amount of bacteria in our gut also depends on how much we lose

Many people try to lose weight in vain, and many of them refer to the causes beyond their control. Can you imagine that they are right in some respects?

It also depends on the bacterium, what does the balance show?

Bacteria and other organisms in our intestines - the microbiota of our body - can influence our body weight in a very complex way. Researchers at the University of New South Wales have been examining whether it is really possible for someone to lose weight due to these microorganisms. " we drink alcohol, what drugs we take, how much we move regularly, because bacteria multiply by what nutrients they can utilize through the diets that get into our body, "says research leaders Dr. Sandosh Padmanabhan.The expert believes that it is only partially true that bacterial composition in our bowels Because of this, you cannot get rid of the extra kale: it can be changed by conscious, adequate dietary intake. Some people, because of their genetic abilities, are less likely to lose weight than others, but a healthy lifestyle will always come with fruit, and not just with the extra kilos. The results of the above study are also an important guideline for them: starving is not a good strategy;