Vaccination of premature babies can be lifesaving - hardly divisive beliefs

Vaccination of premature babies can be lifesaving - hardly divisive beliefs

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Much can be said about whether or not we can dispel the misgivings about premature babies. The birth weight of newborns, because their muscle mass has no effect on the effectiveness of the vaccines, and they are also capable of selecting the appropriate immune responses.

Vaccination of premature infants can be life-saving

The problem is global, according to the WHO, at least 1 baby is born prematurely; In 2013, as many as 1.1 million babies died from premature births. There are also people with sicknesses in our country: the proportion of premature babies is about 9%. Specialists recommend that all stable conditions of premature birth weight, regardless of chronological age, receive the same vaccine line, purulent meningitis and rotaviruslike most babies. Vaccines against infectious diseases can be particularly important for premature babies. Szбmos tanulmбny came to the kцvetkeztetйsre that many koraszьlцtt small sъllyal szьletett "йretlen" csecsemх need kуrhбzi бpolбsra and is due to expire йletйt betegsйgek that egyйbkйnt vйdхoltбssal megelхzhetхek.Az egйszsйgьgyi dolgozуk a rйszйben mйg йl the tйvhit that koraszьlцttek йs the kissъlyъ The birth weight, degree of inactivity, lean body mass, and certain diseases of the newborn affect the efficacy of the vaccine. But this is a mistake: there are very few chronic illnesses that are contraindicated in vaccination. . This number is growing all over the world, and there is hardly any country not to be affected. 2015 was the first year in which most toddlers died globally from premature birth complications. According to the WHO's 2013 data, 6.3 million young children under the age of 5 died in the world that year, with an estimated 1.1 million deaths due to premature births. The European Union average is 7.1% of early-childhoods in total survival, but the numbers show a large filtering from very low data in Russia (5.5%) to 11.4% in Austria. they show only slight fluctuation. According to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (CSO), the number of survivors below 37 mainly because of the better living conditions of premature babies. "Several factors also play a role in reducing the number of babies killed in the last few years by one in four to one in every five years after stagnation in the long term. dr. Kocsis Istvбn, Semmelweis University II. s. Head of Department, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Tцbbek kцzцtt the szemlйletvбltбs the ellбtбsban the noninvazнv beavatkozбsok, нgy the gйpi lйlegeztetйs New Account mуdszereinek gyakoribbб vбlбsa, vйrvйtel the less, the better the mыszerek йs csalбdkцzpontъ szemlйlet.Ma you have already admitted the koraszьlцttekhez the csalбdot йs ettхl the ъjszьlцttek bizonyнthatуan fejlхdnek better. It plays a greater role in their diet Breast milkWhich is цnmagбban protektнv hatбsъ, valу maternal bхrflуrбval contact and szintйn elхnyцsebb the babбnak the immune system erхsцdйse szempontjбbуl. "The koraszьlцttek igйnyelnek speciбlis gondozбst as fogйkonysбguk against fertхzйsekkel larger, lower the mother posts by these people in mйhlepйnyen keresztьl biztosнtott immunvйdelem mйrtйke. Szбmtalan tйvhit цvezi but also this request.Dr. Pytta GyцrgyPresident of the Association of Home Pediatricians emphasized: "It is not appropriate for premature infants to be unable to develop an adequate immune response. Immunoglobulins enter the baby's bodyWhich segнtsйgйvel take up the fight successfully against kьlцnfйle fertхzйsekkel "Breast milk jбtszik role in some kйsхbbi betegsйgek kialakulбsбnak csцkkentйsйben as pйldбul the inzulinfьggх cukorbetegsйg;. Develop breast tбplбlбs esetйn ritkбbban out allergiбs betegsйgek йs the suckling csecsemхk intellectual fejlхdйse is better than nutrition. The long-term hospital stay of the newborn also diminishes the defensive ability, and the maternal deficiency is weakened. " Kocsis Istvбn. Scientific research does not support the effect of birth weight on the efficacy of a vaccine, as does the premature immune system, which does not allow the child to have an adequate immune response. all medical conditions are prematurely born in chronological age, receives the same vaccine linelike most babies, regardless of their birth weight. Although these recommendations have been in the law for a long time, more research has come to the conclusion that premature babies or some recommended vaccines are not and other infections, the vaccine is protected against infants as many other infants. " As with rotavian infections, infants born prematurely but with a low birth weight, and infants born with normal weight, are also more likely to grow, and infants born with normal weight. kiszбradбs mйg serious rizikуfaktor йs a hбnyбssal, hasmenйssel jбrу rotafertхzйs have to enjoy these babбkat better "The rotavнrus rendkнvьl common бm often alбbecsьlt betegsйg. уvodбskor vйgйre toddlers almost kivйtel nйlkьl бtesnek the hasmenйssel, hбnyбssal йs tцbbnyire also lбzzal jбrу fertхzйsen, fьggetlenьl attуl to where and what hygiene conditions exist There is no specific cure for rotavirus. more than 450,000 children worldwide die of rotavirus infection, especially in very poor developing nations worldwide, with the prevalence of preventive vaccinations affecting 2 million children worldwide every year because of the virus infection. There is also a pain-free solution against rotavirus: oral, non-inhalable vaccination. The vaccinations are over They are applicable from 6 weeksbut, unlike most vaccines, the administration of a rotavirus vaccine has not only a low, but an upper age limit that should diagnostic tests and surgery are stepping up. The kцtцtt йletkorhoz kцtelezх oltбsokon kнvьl meningococcal йs oltбsokat the anti-rotavнrus fertхzйs clinical бllapottуl fьggхen the kronolуgiai йletkorban (testsъlytуl fьggetlenьl) caused ajбnlott elkezdeni.A meningococcal baktйrium purulent agyhбrtyagyulladбs vilбgszerte kцzel cause fйlmilliу megbetegedйst each йvben which riasztу azйrt because mйg idхben started under medical kezelйs, also advanced rendelkezх egйszsйgьgyi hбttйrrel orszбgokban tнzbхl a case halбlos kimenetelы.A fertхzйst tъlйlхk can be serious kцvetkezmйnyekkel to szembenйzzenek: sъlyos hallбskбrosodбs, tartуs agykбrosodбs, fingers, vйgtagok elvesztйse.A fertхzх agyhбrtyagyulladбs, which the tйli szezonalitбs the jellemzх, especially for infants and toddlers under the age of 5, as the immune systems are still underdeveloped. In some cases - and, of course, this applies to premature babies as well - this is the only effective way to disease prevention.Because there are many types of the meningococcal bacterium, it is possible to obtain more complete protection with multiple vaccines. In Hungary, the overwhelming majority of meningococcal disease is caused by the B and C types of the bacterium, and in 2015, the B type was responsible for three quarters. A total of 134 cases were reported, and 19 of the patients did not survive the infection. Among those infected, there were 45 toddlers who had not reached age 3. In the 2013-14 epidemiologic year, 36 meningococcal purulent meningitis occurred in Hungary. 39% of the patients, including the three fatalities, were infants. Therefore, even in the case of premature infants, experts strongly recommend the protection against cerebral inflammation. It illustrates the gravity of the problem that 3.5 million babies are born prematurely in India each year. Szбmtalan this is because the hajlamosнtу tйnyezхk kцzцtt key role in dohбnyzбsnak, alcohol йs kбbнtуszerfogyasztбsnak, bad йletkцrьlmйnyeknek, mйlyszegйnysйgnek, bad fogazatnak.Paradox mуdon the orvostudomбny fejlхdйse lehetхvй also makes the child more nхk vбllaljanak kйsхbbi йletkorban - in our country today there are more women over 40 than under 20. Not only is this a birth defect, but it also increases the chances of premature birth. Hasonlу kockбzati tйnyezхt does mestersйges megtermйkenyнtйs the ikerterhessйg, tovбbbб that you have already today it is nхk vбllalhatnak kid who korбbban, pйldбul because some do not krуnikus betegsйg children under 5 йv tehettйk meg.Az vilбgszerte kцrйben the koraszьlцttsйggel jбrу szцvхdmйnyek szбmнtanak the vezetх halбloknak : About 1 million babies died due to such causes in 2015. Many older people who are still alive are incapable of living with some kind of disability, learning difficulties, vision and hearing problems are common. In the 184 countries surveyed by the World Health Organization, the proportion of premature babies ranges from 5-18%. very good, by the way, in the less fortunate parts of the world, half of the babies born before the age of 32 are dying, as the basic living conditions are often lacking. However, according to the WHO three quarters of preterm births are adequate, can be saved by cost-effective interventions.And lives that are difficult to save can be protected by vaccinations with a number of, sometimes serious, infections.


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