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Breastfeeding periods: 2-4 years old

Many babies are breastfeeding even two years old. And that's okay, but breastfeeding frequencies and rituals are changing.

Breastfeeding periods: 2-4 years old

2 years

She has a well-established rhythm and breastfeeding routine. It is completely dependent on the role that breastfeeding plays in the role of breast milk in the nutritional requirements of the child. Each solution is standard. It greatly influences the frequency of breastfeeding with the amount of time a child spends with the mother. In the second year of life, it is often noticeable that there is a kind of re-approach to the mother, which increases with the number of breastfeeding. As fewer babies, mothers due to prolonged breastfeeding.

2-3 years

An exciting time follows: the child begins to be very self-centered, independent, and has her exploration, but her abilities are still not sufficient for ambition. That's why he's frustrated many times. Breastfeeding on demand and the ability to nurture a defiant baby can help. Of course, defiance is a completely natural, even desirable, phenomenon at this age, showing the development of the brain over childhood. One thing is for sure, breastfeeding is a reassuring activity at this difficult time in your life. It does not make a difference if the child is separated at this age. Some people choose to suckle, while others continue to suckle, fall asleep, wake up, or relax. Those who breastfeed at 2-3 years, and they usually talk about it, can learn things that are very nice and touchable to the parent. is something you can want. It is possible that the mother may require fewer breastfeeding, and that discussion can help to wean.

3-4 years old

Although many people divorce themselves at the age of 3, some do not. In some cases, the breastfeeding relationship is considered to be much easier, and there are established rules. The child is already cooperative in many things. Increasingly, intimate, intimate, talkative, conversational, private-minded breastfeeding.