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Diseases that can cause developmental delays

Diseases that can cause developmental delays

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In many cases, it is only by lightening up a child's health that the home doctor or parent appears to be lighter or lower in age. What can be done in this case, what can cause developmental delays?

What Diseases Can Cause Developmental Retardation Growth and the percentile curve are also known as the growth standard, which helps professionals and laymen to take a look at the growth rate of children. A survey of 8500 children in several nations and neighborhoods provides the basis for WHO curves available on the WHO site as well as on some Hungarian websites. With help, we can track growth averages for up to 19 years. If we place the child's material in the age appropriate gender, it can quickly become clear whether there is cause for concern or whether the child will grow older, or simply such a filigree.

What Can A Developmental Delay Be Created?

Any major illness that shifts the body's energy balance to the wrong direction - such as a heart disease, such as a metabolic disorder or deficiency - can cause developmental delays - lights up dr. Tibor Kovбcs Infant and Children's Crib.
In metabolic diseases, the problem of development is that it destroys the body's desired balance, consuming less nutrients and energy than it should. If there is a problem with intake in the body or during processing, absorption, the body is "minus." "The most common card that can slow down development is persistent iron deficiency," says the expert. The amount of anemia that is responsible for the supply of oxygenated red blood cells (and the white blood hemoglobin it contains) is reduced, Thus, worsening of oxygen deficiency and developmental impediment to impotence may occur. It is celiac disease that it is precisely the disorder of growth that draws attention to the presence of the disease. Behavioral disorders, skin disorders, chronic abdominal cancer, diarrhea, vitamin deficiency, constipation, low growth may occur earlier in symptomatic children, like the adult leadership symptom, the internal problems.Diabetes can also lead to significant weight loss. There are currently 3,500 Type 1 and 200-300 Type 2 diabetic children living at home. Just as the number of diabetics in adulthood is increasing at an alarming rate, so is the growing trend in children. Fast Type 1 is a typical symptom of Type 1. Developmental retardation can also be caused by chronic inflammation of the digestive system, Crohn's disease. As you can read on, the number of children with inflammatory diseases is increasing. The disease also has a genetic predisposition, but the risk can be reduced by breastfeeding and minimizing the use of antibiotics in children under 2 years.Hormonal problems, thyroid dysfunction can also lead to growth and growth failure. Because of its role in thyroid function, metabolism regulation and growth, the thyroid gland may negatively affect the developmental rate. Growth hormone deficiency can be corrected by hormone depletion, typically administered until adolescence says Dr. It also happens that severe congenital heart disease stops development. The heart problem has a diminished supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells - explains the expert. In addition to the above, there are, of course, other diseases that occur less frequently, but, similarly to the above, have a negative impact on development. These include malignancies associated with senile diseases and certain chromosomal abnormalities.

First steps when you suspect

If the home physician determines that the developmental difference value really warrants an examination, the child will receive an endocrinologic referral. The first step is to make a hormone test. In parallel, a bone exam is being prepared, as bone marrow must be determined in order to find out if the developmental delay can be processed. By the time your baby is younger than their biological age, there is a chance they will catch up with their peers - explains the specialist. Bone age is determined by a radiological examination, the medial bone.

You can usually fix the problem

Temporarily, almost every course can cause a halt in development, but in order for a significant developmental delay to occur, the health problem must persist - stresses dr. Tibor Kovбcs. In such cases, the task is to find the chosen cause, since remedying the problem can usually eliminate developmental problems.Related links: