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Seaside Vacation: Even developing your baby's brain

Seaside Vacation: Even developing your baby's brain

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Many families choose to have a seaside believer, which is not only a great job, but also a benefit to small brain development. The new environment stimulates brain cells in a completely new way.

Although every baby develops at a different pace, research suggests that they should be regularly exposed to new stimuli, because stimulation has a tremendous effect on brain cells. Audrey van der Meer Professor Neurology has done research a few years ago, revealing that babies' brain can have up to a thousand new neuron connections in a matter of seconds, especially when they affect the senses of motion and sensation. In other words, we do our best for the baby by allowing them to move around indoors and outdoors, notice different structures, pay attention to different sounds, smells, or colors. "In animal experiments it turned out that the brains of rats whose cages were suitable for moving, waking and weaning were better developed than those living in a more relaxed environment." In his opinion, children's brains work similarly and are extremely adaptable, that is, able to adapt to the stimuli of the environment. And the new stimulus is a great opportunity for a beachfront holiday in a new place, conditions that are completely different from the usual can affect the little ones. Other scents, other sounds, interesting and unusual water, sand or rocks. For example, the sound of the sea's ripples is soothing (even for adults) as it can resemble the noises the baby hears in the womb. And the "big cat" status reduces stress and altogether improves mental health.Develops a baby on vacation For the tactile developer, there is no doubt about it, and on the beach there is little opportunity for babies to discover and discover different textures. Dry or wet sand, smaller or larger rocks, shells harvested on the shore, sea plants, water can all help brain development! The pleasantly warm sand and the sea water radiate affects both sensory and motor development at the same time, because they have to move around a little differently than in the home environment. Build huge sand squares, doodle with shells, rocks or plants! Allow yourself to rub your feet in the sand, "fetch" yourself (or whatever). Pour sand, water, and mud into smaller or larger pots - this can also help you understand how different the different viscous materials can be! The beach has a unique, unique scent! Olfactory is one of the most sophisticated senses of babies, for example, they are able to know their mother's fragrance from birth. The sense of smell is also closely related to the memory, that is Easily recall good memories and curiosities when associated with a specific scent. The cool air of the sea, the fresh fruits and special foods, and even the smell of sunscreen, stimulate the development of the baby's brain! (Via)You may also be interested in:
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