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Improving ProductivityTips for Ladies and Gentlemen

Improving ProductivityTips for Ladies and Gentlemen

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to say in advance when the decision to start a family will be followed by a currency childbirth. How can a couple improve their odds?

According to experts, if a couple has both a healthy and regular sex life, generally 70 to 80 percent of cases are conceived within one year. However, with a few small changes, we can still improve our chances.

Let the gentlemen also pay attention to health!

Younger men in particular believe that they are invulnerable and do not have any health problems, so they tend to miss regular medical examinations. It should be remembered that the general health condition has a huge impact on fertility, so it is best to have a quick lab test done before having a baby. In addition, follow the general rules of a healthy lifestyle: more exercise, more balanced eating, enough sleep, less stress - all of which can improve the quality of sperms. Ideally, testes (where sperm are produced) have a slightly lower temperature than the body, any activity that raises the testes of the testes affects sperm production. These include, for example, sauna or frequent hot bathing. Keeping the laptop in our hands is not a good idea as it can warm up the testicles.Most healthy couples have a year to conceive

Pay attention to the signs

All pregnancies begin with the meeting of the egg and sperm, but this can only happen at the right moment. We can increase the chance of conception if we know when the ovaries will stop, that is, when the ovaries will be ejected. This relatively short period of time can be attributed to several things, for example changes in the vagina and body temperature. Fortunately, following the cycle is easy to learn, and if we have more or less weight, then we try to get rid of it. Not only do extra kittens worsen the chance of a successful conception, they also increase the risk of complications occurring during pregnancy and during childbirth. For example, overtraining may be accompanied by loss of ovulation and irregular menstruation!

What about drugs?

Before having children, men and women need to have a look at what drugs they are taking. They may have an effect on fertility. Fertility may be affected, for example, by drugs used to treat testosterone disorders, mental illness, or thyroid problems. This important micronutrient not only reduces the risk of developmental abnormalities, but also improves conception (via)You may also be interested in:
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