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Exercise and pregnancy: what is free and what is not?

Exercise and pregnancy: what is free and what is not?

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Old-fashioned that exercise is one of the best tools for preventing health problems and many illnesses. During pregnancy, it is also an aspect of how exercise affects the fetus.

Many unreasonable fears shape public awareness in this request, and it is an experiential fact that a little baby often exaggerated dangers Because of this, all forms of physical exercise are completely avoided.

Where's the truth?

Under the blessed state, regular exercise is probably more important than anything else. Conditioning the circulatory system, maintaining fitness, and better tolerance of loads have a great impact on both the mother and the fetus. However, there is a clear need to analyze and avoid certain unwanted effects. competitive sport all its forms are absolutely contraindicated. When conception is discovered, competitively practiced sports should be discontinued and other physical activities should be chosen instead. In fact, competitive sport is a heavy burden on the body and the fatty oxygen deficiency of the uterus can cause fetal injury and premature pregnancy. The purpose of loading under expectation is not to challenge the virtue, but to keep it at the level of the ideal.


We have to choose the exercise below depending on whether your organization is generally active in improving your physical fitness or preparing you for special challenges in the birth process.

Exercise gymnastics is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy

This is another activity pregnant tournament, which is an integral and essential part of a parenting program. These specific exercises, in themselves, improve the general fitness of the body, but at the same time, they are aimed at solving the special and difficult challenges that the pregnancy and the parent of a particular body. Similarly, it is important to improve the ability of certain muscles to relax. Relaxation and Stretching, Relaxation and Muscle Exercise - These are some of the common features of exercise exercises. Maintaining proper breathing during childbirth not only helps relieve pain, but is also very important for maintaining fetal oxygenation and for better utilization of maternal muscle.


Exercise gymnastics are an important part relaxбciу represents one of the easiest alternatives to analgesia in the nursing room. Relaxбciуval the megfelelх ellazнtбsбnak kйpessйgйn tъl muscle groups of the body egйsz йs the lйlek ellazulбsa also elйrhetх, нgy the fбjdalom megйlйse kцnnyebbй vбlik, the fetus is oxigйnellбtбsa the vajъdбs idejйn kifogбstalan marad.A szцvetek tбgulбsa kцnnyebben, sйrьlйsek nйlkьl takes place, the gбtvйdelem the szьlйsvezetйs egyszerыbb feladattб vбlik.

Suggested exercise

Any movement that does not involve the risk of falling or being injured, does not represent a potential trauma to the pregnant uterus, nor does it cause severe physical strain. However, it should not be overlooked that in the fall, pools of water from the pool can in principle settle in the vagina, which can endanger the fetus. You should choose a clean, unclean swimming pool and seek advice from your doctor about any other precautions. For example, you may want to put a vaginal disinfectant on the body after a dent.Recommended bodybuilder jogging in the clean air, long walking. Ball sports, biking, horseback riding and other fall risk sports are not recommended. It is also contraindicated for the strenuous form of weight training and exercises for severe abdominal muscles.

Useful for gymnastics

When is gymnastics contraindicated? The contraindications in all cases, it is the responsibility of the caregiver. Mostly threatening abortion or premature birth is a contraindication to physical exercise, but it is important to emphasize that exercise with proper expertise can be used even in such cases.More help in this topic:
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