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8 Tips to Get Your Baby Excited for Christmas

Time flies, tomorrow is Christmas. Make the most beautiful holiday of the year for your child with these magical ideas for a truly magical time!

8 Tips to Get Your Baby Excited for Christmas

1. Start the countdown!

It could be a store-bought or custom-made Christmas costume, an Advent calendar, the essence of starting to keep track of the fact that there are still sunny days until the big holiday. It can be very exciting for the little ones to know that they still need to sleep, even before Jesus comes.Extra tip: On Pinterest, you can find lots of DIY ideas for making the Advent Calendar, from surprisingly hidden toilet paper wrapped in salon sugar to ribbed, booty booties. Border of the Starry Star!

2. Decorate up!

In addition to decorating your home, you can also hang out a reindeer in the garden. You can explain to the little ones that the reindeer is waiting for the party so they can take the presents with the kids together. You will be excited every day as you gaze at the cute reindeer.

3. Read to her!

Classic Christmas tales can be avoided, but you can also see some cute Advent stories on slide show, so you can really cheer up your evenings.

4. Enjoy the Christmas lights!

Get in the car early in the evening and drive around in the neighborhood. The glamorous Advent lights fascinate the little ones, and the privileged city of the city is sure to bring you into the mood!

5. Come to Jesus!

Grab paper, pen, and write a letter to Jesus! If your name can be written down by your child already, you can write it down, put it in magazines, and give it up. If it is small enough, draw something instead.

6. Bring something delicious!

Let your baby / son experience the passion of the creature and involve him / her in the firing! Make honeysuckle or Christmas muffins, cupcakes that you can also make fun of!

7. Make Christmas socks!

Cut out two red boots in red felt, sew it together, trim it, and hang it with a ribbon. Santa will be able to bring the gift on December 6th.

8. Get in!

You could be a reindeer, an elf, or a cramp, but if you don't feel like getting in the way of costumes, simply upload a few pictures to, where you will find a free, very funny dance video. The forgotten laughter is guaranteed!Related articles in Christmas Cooking: