Moving on from baby's sleep

There's plenty of legends and legends about baby sleeping. But what is true of these?

Is there a universal trick that all babies will have a good night's sleep? There are plenty of urban legends about baby sleep and safety on various baby mama forums, now following them.

Never wake up a sleeping baby

Who wouldn't have heard this advice before, right? However, newborns need to eat 2-3 ounces in the first couple of days, so it may be weak, but you need to wake up your baby to feed him. But how can you do it when the peak is asleep?
  • Speak, sing
  • Drop it off
  • Change the diaper
If the breast-fed baby eats 8-12 times a day, or the infant formula baby 5-8 times a day, has enough piss and khaki diapers, then you don't have to wake up because there's no problem!

Different spiders, cushions for babies

Ubiquitous parents. There are many fashionable gadgets that can be ordered from the outside, or more expensive to buy from home makers, but as good as they look, they can be so dangerous. Looks like the baby is protected from hitting the baby's head, but for example, the American Children's Academy (AAP) has since 1998 advised parents to neglect these accessories. Doctor Tanya Remer Altmann stated that she had never seen an infant who had suffered from severe cerebral palsy. On the other hand, spiders and pillows pose a serious risk of suffocation. Believe in the baby's sleep

The baby needs complete silence

Think when a Newborn is in complete silence? The fetus kept hearing noises - we wouldn't think how loud it was to be inside the tummy. So it's okay to have some back noise when you sleep.

If you invest in it, you also need to invest

We don't want to force the baby to stay awake for awhile. Let's listen to our comments, but pay attention and adjust to it. If you are prone to lying, let it fall asleep, keep it awake longer, and it will keep you from falling asleep and getting tired. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will not wake up at dawn.

Animal in the nursery

The American Academy of Child Care recommends that you never leave your baby alone with the animal, so the animal should not sleep in the room with the child. Every year, about 600,000 children in America need medical treatment for dog bites. But even a cat can cause baby killing by just playing.For the baby's sleep
  • That's how daytime sleep with your baby changes
  • Sleep cycle of the newborn baby
  • The baby needs sleep