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It's a good practice to cry on baby

It's a good practice to cry on baby

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A loud voice is sure to upset the mothers. There is sometimes a desperate struggle to reassure a sick baby. Assemble "dampers" for clamping.

So many babies, so many light concerts. Some babies cry much better than others, while others are quieter than almost real babies. Mothers are hardly more stressed than babies crying without stopping and not knowing why.

Are you hungry or thirsty?

When we hear the cry, this is the first question that comes to our minds, and we try to put an end to the music balloon by feeding and watering. Infants have different perceptions of how to feed them artificially, including breastfeeding. Also, when using a baby bottle, make sure that you do not press too hard or add cereal to the milk in the baby bottle. Towards the end of breastfeeding, persistent pains can be a cause of separation problems. Add thirst quenching thirst quenching plain water, especially on summer or iced sugar-free suppositories.

Fizz or hot?

To answer this request, do not shy away from simply looking at your child's face. In all such cases Touch the neck. If you find that you are sweating and your face is red, move to a different position or put it on the show. Never put cold or hot water in this case, do not open the window! If necessary, use a sponge dipped in lukewarm water to clean your small body. We can also do this by feeling a little cold to give our body warmth to ourselves. It can help with some hot drink. What's wrong with it? Let's say if you need to change pants diaper or not, is it comfortable and so on. One Crumpled garment you can push your body, strong light can distract your eyes, itchy sensation, but you can't scrub or just want to move to another position, or you may complain of motion. If your baby is behaving differently than usual, he or she may not feel well. The sharp voice, a feet raised and if you are still experiencing vomiting, you should also seek medical attention.

Are there tricks?

If we allow ourselves to be rebuked, if we conceive of a child, think that infants love to move them rhythmically. Try to soothe, anesthetize, in different situations, holding it up, standing over it, or clamping it to our face.

Your nearness will soothe you

The baby baby soiree shares the same opinion as the baby's finger should replace the baby so that the baby will discover her own thumb instead of the dudlie. Although most babies sleep a lot, they spend a lot of time eating, but they also pay attention to the surrounding world. They like to look at different things, to look at objects and to explore their surroundings. It is not useless if the mother takes these into account age specifics.Show small actions, make a baby catching gesture. Jбtsszunk. No matter what. And the baby calms down, his eyes glitter. This includes when the child simply looks at what we are doing. If you listen carefully to the bump, let's make contact with it. Catch your eyes, look into her eyes, wink!

It doesn't last

Once upon a time, of course, this hectic era is over, and there is nothing but memory. We still can't believe it, but we're going to make this period of our lives back. And the child will be able to break the head on how to soothe a pregnant mother…Other useful articles:
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