From psychodrama to baby boom. Have a good time!

Our program is very rich, and it favors fathers as well, as there are countless kits and even an airplane.

Psychodrama is a good way to understand ourselves and the rest of the team

Child psychodrama in Noha Stъdiу

No butter, no purple mist, the psychodrama for the child is simply a good play and a new kind of transformation of the group. Meanwhile, the child, parents and educators are becoming more and more unnoticed in the skin. In fact, psychodrama helps if a child has to deal with excessively agile, aggressive, distracted, and learning difficulties. If you are having trouble understanding, getting in touch. If it is worthy, healing is won. But it's also good for someone who simply likes to play and loves the company. Two educators are waiting for school on Fridays, pent-up high school: Sooo no йs Bruckner.
You need to register in advance by calling 06 / 30-607-7768.
Price: 2000 Ft / occasion

The sciences are there
control lego robots!

Science Hndja

On Saturday dLutlan everything changes in the Lanchand area. On the 17th, at noon, the House of Science opens with theaters, tents, and entertainment. Visitors can create their own constellations, create bridges, and take flight and pilot tests with the help of blinds and smartphones. At the event, visitors will be able to float on future superconducting discs and explore moon rocks. There will be a firehouse and the first Hungarian satellite, Masat-1, will also be featured at the event. Visitors can try out alternative drive vehicles and racing cars, as well as generate electricity on the energy ring. During the event, the bridge's pillars are constantly sprayed onto the bridge and into the Danube, and the bridge is painted with special lighting technology. Organizers are also inviting interested people with other educational and creative games, as well as legitimate science quizzes.

Concert at the Zöld Pardonért

Do you like to party at ZP? Great concerts, some dust and good mood… Looks like it's over. The XI. the district government wants to close the ZP. Fans will be holding a demonstration on March 18 to save the popular concert venue. Made for market, litter and aggressive parties, the atmosphere is guaranteed by well-known bands. There will be the Magna Cum Laude, the Quimby, the Csнk band, the Little Star, the Wild Fruttik, the Subscribe, the Bikini, the 30Y and many more.

Йvadnyitу party in Szombathely

On Sunday, Hang-out is a playful season opening on Main Square. You can see the premiere of the fairy-tale wooden house, followed by János Pályi's Vitsiz Lecture. They also thought of the smallest ones: The baby from Kwoncn is born for 1-4 year olds. Leather and Smoothball, Crafts, Hunting Memorial Games for Kids and Kids, "True or False?" quizzes with gifts.

Thousands of mothers sing

On September 24th from 10am to 4pm at the Millenbrook Big Ring! Come on, get rich, have an unforgettable experience! Honorary "ring": Marion Veronica.
The event will be sold (knit musical instruments, ceramics, dolls, handkerchiefs, textiles, soft-soled baby shoes, etc.), toy fairy-tale heels, craft workshops. You will have the opportunity to talk to invited experts: pediatrician, psychologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, pediatric analyst, and many more. The Great Together Singing begins at 11.15. There will be games, a fairytale corner, a ballroom, and a song with Bogi Szaluki, Wenceslas Monks, Ann Marcos, King Nemcsics and Noemi Hollu. Délutбn's house Szalуki Бgi At the Gingallou concert.

Car-free day

There are plenty of events throughout the country awaiting everyone during Mobility Week. We follow terrestrial events, but it is worthwhile to see what happens in the neighborhood.
Fahajу gigantic, kцrnyezetvйdelmi totу, kulturбlis цrцksйgvйdelmi sйta, gyerekfoglalkozбsok - they just nйhбny kцzьl programs kцzьl which the terйzvбrosi цnkormбnyzat йs NGOs vбrjбk the йrdeklхdхket the Andrбssy ъt Kodбly kцrцnd-Bajza street-бn szakaszбn 17 to 18 September, the days autуmentes . In Evetvös street, Eatvös10 oasis blood rings everyone in a tent adorned with plants and flowers. Indoors handicrafts (door flower, bracelet, dry flowers, miniature bouquets, painted wooden canopy). Making asphalt drawings in front of the tent, interactive games (fishing rods, aiming throws, fun games, sandball), and ЦKO games.