What to watch out for during the tick season?

What to watch out for during the tick season?

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The ticks are the most active these months. The common tick can carry and spread a variety of pathogens that can infect a human being through its blood.

Among these diseases, Lyme disease and tick-borne viral encephalitis occur primarily in Hungary. It is important to know that little care can be taken to prevent diseases and also to provide vaccination in the case of encephalitis. The common tick is the most common species in Europe, and in our country as well. The common tick can carry and spread a number of pathogens. Among these diseases, Lyme disease and tick-borne viral encephalitis occur primarily in Hungary. There are two activity peaks in Hungary: from the end of March to the beginning of June, the second, the smaller peak occurs in September. . The common tick occurs most abundantly in rich, dense undergrowth in forests, shrubs and shrubs, but can also be found in city parks, playgrounds, and small gardens.It is important to know that only a fraction of the ticks carry the rodentand only a fraction of such arthritic people give it to the man in his blood. The "tick test" available in the pharmacy, which is able to detect the blood-borne tick's Lyme disease positivity, does not give 100% confidence. This is why it has to be treated with caution because it is not suitable for diagnosing a human disease. If you experience symptoms following a tick tick (such as skin, muscle pain, fever, headache, etc.), seek medical attention.

The tick season starts

There are a number of ways we can fight against the blood and the transmission of disease. These are the most important: 1. In the forest tour use tick repellentsthat can be applied to our skin and sometimes to our clothing. Alarms are always used according to the instructions for use, which also tells you how often (how many times) your application is repeated.2. If the tour / walk in a row light-colored clothing we will be able to more easily spot our dark-colored ticks on our hand.3. It is not possible to pre-emphasize the importance of quickly detecting and eliminating ticks on the skin that start eating. THE early removal it is also suitable for preventing transmission of diseases.4. One that is best suited for the removal of a tick thin tweezersto keep the tick closer to your skin without crushing your body. Remove the captured tick from the skin with a firm motion.5. The tick has spread viral encephalitis prevented by vaccination.6. Because the contaminated livestock milk can also transmit the virus, it is important to boil the raw goat's milk before consumption, which can kill the infectious agent. If possible, rinse the skin with lukewarm soapy water. When the tick is removed, the tympanic membrane with small, curved hooks may remain in the skin. However, this is not a danger from the point of view of transmission; so if we couldn't get it out, like a small cat, over time, he rejects himself the skin. Cйlszerы the befъrуdott tick helyйt йs eltбvolнtбsбnak idejйt the naptбrba note that any betegsйgtьnetek megjelenйsekor doctor tбjйkoztathassuk the kullancscsнpйs idхpontjбrуl.Aki planning a longer kцvetkezх idхszakban kirбndulбst or szabadtйri program lehetхleg kerьlje the tick-rich, sыrы aljnцvйnyzetet, bozуtost and erdхkben go only on designated footpaths and use tick repellents. If ticks that are ingested in our skin are discovered and removed in time, they cannot enter the body, as the animal typically only infects the affected person after a few minutes. Be sure to keep your ticks home when you get home!Related Articles:
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