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With Schьssler-shu against the nbtha

Runny nose, wheezing, light-headed eyes - but if we get to it in time, Schüssler's can help prevent it from getting worse. Especially for breastfeeding mothers or children, since we do not have to worry about any side effects.

Biochemical sugar is short

In 1873, Dr. Wilhelm Schьssler, a German physician, published the following therapies, the essence of which is the following: there are twelve essential s . Skin, hair, blood, business condition, facial discoloration, pain, stings, inflammation can all be signs of a deficiency. A qualified therapist can be of great help in this case, but the great advantage of this method is that in many cases we can heal ourselves if we recognize the signs of deficiency. In such cases, it is absolutely necessary to fill up, but it is more than just taking a tablet. It is also a kind of stimulus therapy, when the right information reaches the cells, which puts them in an energetic state that allows them to absorb the vital elements of their diet. And with their biological information, they take in as much as is necessary to restore the balance.
Schüssler's formulations are based on the principle of the homeopathic procedure and are now available in tablets and creams in drugstores and drug stores. The tablets are available in potencies D6, D12 and should be treated similarly to homeopathy. That is, before sucking on berries and after eating, you should not eat anything else, so that you and the biological information it contains can be permanently absorbed in the mouth,
Dosage of Schьssler-hock: in the acute case, one tablet every 5-10 minutes, in case of chronic (obese) three to six times daily Schüssler tablet. In children, in case of urgency, a Schüssler tablet should be swollen, with a few or three tablets a day. For infants and young children, the Schüssler tablet should be printed and the powder filtered to the tongue. Vigyбzat! Meat is not sensitive to lactose because it is a carrier!
Let's see what we can do in this case!
If you want to successfully apply the Schьssler shocks to your home, it is important that you take the symptoms seriously first and start taking the appropriate dental remedies.
The first phase, when we feel a bit uncomfortable with the skin, and only a runny nose. At this point, let's start taking Ferrum phosporicum D12(# 3, number three), which is the initial stage of your inflammatory and febrile condition. Two tablets are placed under the tongue, two across the uranium. Then continue for 5 days with 3 x 2 tablets until we get better. If you manage to get stuck at the beginning, you may find that cutting it off this way does not work out better.
In the second phase, the nasal passages become thick, lush, whitish, or discolored, and the condition is definitely not good and there is some kind of cataract inflammation. Detection of the first signs of ntha usually occurs on the second-third day afterwards. That's when we start Kalium chloratum D6(No. 4) alongside Ferrum phosphoricum, 3 x 2 tablets, for 5 days.
Phase three is a sign that the nasal passages are dark yellow or green and the healing process seems to be a bit stagnant. In such cases, a Potassium sulfuricum D6 (No. 6). By this time, you have just finished taking Ferrum phosporicum, so you can take it with No. 4. And let's just take this # 6 meal for the last few days of the night.
These minerals are also worth wasting, because if you do not recover from them, your body will be easily deprived of its internal organs, which means that your body will again have no symptoms ...
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