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How do you connect with your child?

We are so often asked by children to conform to the grown-up world standards: to be generous, polite, quiet, well-raised ...

You don't always have to be educated! (Illustrated image)

Of course, these are important things, because if you want to be able to fit into society, you have to have these qualities. These (and many others) would be much more important to them for a balanced social group. However, I think sometimes we, as adults, should visit our children. Trying out things your adult eye can't see for you might be fun. Sometimes you need to take off your important adult coat, squat down in the kid's room and squat together in the mud, hang out while laughing without peeing, experience what it is like to have a warm summer rain they do not even arise in an adult brain. (The other day, my six-year-old son asked for the noodle jam. I was wondering what ?! I thought, "Why not?") Simply push the little cars, or you would have to babysit without having to. Also, we are structuring it so that we want something out of the box. It can be believed that it is not the result of a super jerk or thing, but nothing. It's just the play itself and the time spent together with the kids. Even the kids who are locked in each other and just love to play alone are happy to be part of it. You don't have to play together, just be by and serve the dice just like they do. After a while you may look and look on your face, you may read "I'm glad you are with me." When he finds that his father or mother is not regulating, he does not ask, he orders something again, but instead visits me in his little world. You may not be able to translate this into words, but as the story enters and enters into your little soul, you will look back at it over and over again. This staple is something that can not be broken by anything else. Invaluable and priceless.Let your child into the world with no reservations or expectations - believe him, not only for him but also for your soul! You can also find the author's notes here:
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