How are you going to play really good?

Sometimes the little ones play more, and the simpler things, much more, and much more fun for the kid than the dumb miracles.

Simple games, such as a set of natural wooden cubes, often have more playability than fully-developed sets that are elaborate, because they allow more room for the child's imagination. You can play with it for a longer period of time by always using the elements in a creative way. A good choice can be a basic set, which you can expand on later if you like to play with it.
Another important aspect is that it is appropriate to its level of development - it is a more accurate expression than it is of age. It means that you can get started with a given game, have the skills to handle it, so it is good for you to do something about it. At the same time, it also has to be a little heavy to find it interesting to see if it really succeeds in unlocking it, as it only binds it down. It is important to be a success and a challenge at the same time. Compare the age advice on packing information with your child's abilities and consider the latter.
See what you do when you have suspicious chores in the nursery: this time you are dealing with something that is very upset - this can also be a highlight of the game selection. Do you like to play alone or do you always want a play party? In the latter case, you choose a game that you like to play with your child. Get free, personalized pedagogical help with choosing a game by playing with a little bit at the Gaming Source Bookstore where you can try out the games - inform me You hunt Viktor, a gaming teacher at the Playground Professional Workshop.
Multilevel games
Have you ever heard of these? Year-round - this is on the box. In addition to what is described in the "official" rules of play, you can also play the so-called multi-level games. The older kid is "normal" card, the smaller one is also challenged to recognize what's changed in Papa's bear clothing. What color is your pants? Look for the same cards! Create series! So a single player can give you another fun up to years.

Papa Maci card