The country's blood supply is in decline

In the summer, it is more difficult to collect the necessary blood volume, thus reducing the country's blood supply. The Bloods are asking for help, and they have also launched a winning action.

Let's get blood now!It is harder to collect the needed blood in summer - he said Great Sándor, Deputy Director General of the National Blood Service (OVSZ), Kossuth Rabdi, reports on 180 minutes at medicalonline.Everything has been done in the last two weeks, 1600-1800 a day. They have also launched a winning action, Life cannot stop in the summer! Give me blood! named campaign: the winners draw lots of donations. The campaign is aimed at killing those who have never, or very old, given blood.You can donate 60 to 70 places daily. During the summer season, the staff of the National Blood Service Company settles down, and there are almost every major festival there. available on your mobile app.
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