The Chinese scientist who had been using embryos to edit genes had disappeared

No trace has been lost on Chinese science, and no one has ever heard of it at an international genetic engineering meeting. Apparently, gene editing didn't seem to work as well as science had previously said.

The Chinese scientist who had been using embryos to edit genes had disappearedThe Chinese who recently announced the birth of the world's first genetically engineered twin babies have disappeared. Ho Chienkuj announcement has caused a major storm in the scientific community: according to the majority of researchers, this is a human experiment, and gene editing is not yet considered a safe procedure. Even the Chinese government preceded the genome editing and ordered the medical team to immediately stop research and further experiments. who had previously employed Ho Chienkuj, said in a press release that no one had closed the search, and it had been made clear that, for the time being, all conjecture was unfounded. After the Hong Kong conference, rumors began to circulate that the researcher had been detained after the lecture, and that his former workplace had been held in custody at Shenyang Science and Technology University in Shenzhen. A university fan told South China Morning Post did not intend to confirm this - he wrote on Qubit.com referring to Newsweek. eventually altered in the gene CCR5 to make the organism resistant to HIV infection. Much of the scientific life is completely unnecessary and unethical, especially since HIV can be simply treated and controlled nowadays. as reported by science - writes 24.com. Chienkuj recently attended an international genetic editing meeting where he answered questions and questions, but his character has never heard of the research. At the meeting, he also insisted that he was ethical and transparent in what he had done, and was only leading the better of the world.
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