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Fetal developmental abnormalities: possible causes

Fetal developmental abnormalities: possible causes

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Open spine, ventricular dysfunction, lip and palate, drumstick and Down larynx. Only a few are the most common fetal congenital malformations in our country, which, unfortunately, occur in about six percent of births.

Early stages of pregnancy can also reveal whether there is a developmental disorder

This represents 5000 to 6000 cases a year, which can be fatal to fish. Developmental abnormalities can be detected, treated, or even prevented from occurring at fetal age.Annormal abnormalities that are normal in childbirth are called malformations. It can cause congenital anomalies Detected or newly created bug, but viruses, bacteria, parasites, and various environmental hazards (some chemicals, drugs, radiation, pathologies) may also negatively influence the development of the fetus in utero. The anomбliбk a rйsze odafigyelйssel megelхzhetх and get egйszsйges йletmуd the megfelelх mennyisйgы vitamin йs бsvбnyi material input csцkkentheti kialakulбsuk valуszнnыsйgйt. "The vнrusok kцzьl pйldбul the rуzsahimlх, mumps, herpes, bбrбnyhimlх йs HIV vнrus cause problйmбt fetal Household-transmitted parasites can also play a role in the development of abnormalities, but they can also get contaminated food into the mother's body, "she says. dr. Csaba Papp, associate professor, clinical geneticist, member of the PrenaTest Professional Advisory Board. With regard to kбros szenvedйlyekkel the kцvetkezхket made hozzб specialist. "The dohбnyzбs kapcsбn the body jutу nicotine can cause the fetus fejlхdйsйnek elmaradбsбt, and the little szьletйsi sъly, the fetus retardбlt nцvekedйse, szбmos kуros jбrhat kцvetkezmйnnyel, tцbbek kцzцtt nцveli the bцlcsхhalбl kockбzatбt well. The tъlzott alkoholfogyasztбs fetal malformation, and possibly bone or heart malformations, and the use of drugs during pregnancy has a negative impact on the development of the fetus, as the fetus in different prenatal examinations, "the specialist emphasized.Dr. Csaba Papp He also said that a group of developmental abnormalities are of genetic origin: genetic or newly occurring genetic abnormalities. Down syndrome is the most common of these. "The incidence of this chromosomal aberration is increasing as the age of the parents grows. The latest version of PrenaTest is particularly suitable for screening in the fetus. qPCR technique without the risk of miscarriage, we are able to eliminate fetal Down from the maternal blood sample early in pregnancy, faster than the DNA screening we have used so far, and at a significantly lower cost. Due to the significantly better price of the new method, many more patients are expected to be available in the state-of-the-art. prenatal genetic diagnostics. "Kapcsolуdуk:
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