There are no two feet of the same type of footpath or strabismus, and this is not only due to the difference in size. Everyone's fingerprint is similar to that of a fingerprint.


Circulation changes

The lower extremity's blood circulation also changes during the term. The weight of the fetus growing up in the mother's womb makes it difficult for the lower limbs to lose blood to the heart. Therefore, cancerous diseases and disorders, as well as varicose veins, are common. Unfortunately, this situation cannot be changed by the expectant mother, but with due care she can influence the rate of the change. Due to hormonal changes occurring during the test period, the wall of the vein and its connective tissue are also loosened and weakened. The males do not have their own muscles. From the sole of the foot to the heart, blood is transmitted from the foot and thigh muscles, pushing the blood out of the veins. The pocket valves in the veins act as one-way valves, allowing blood to flow from one sachet to the other. Illness in the system is a condition that can catch fire, cause pain, and lead to events. Even so, it is no secret that a mother can help her own organization if she avoids long, one-place currency adjustments. In the sputum, the muscles that pump blood at the heart move in a duct, just like the flow back to the heart. Each time the word is collapsed, more and more blood is added through the arteries. The consequence is swelling of the feet.

Lightening techniques

At high age (especially hard), it is more difficult for the blood to flow back due to the compression of larger veins in the thigh. Pregnant mothers can be relieved of their position by being "backward" as much as possible, and if they have something else, they will make a small figure underneath their feet to prevent them from crushing. the other foot that was crossed. As long as their little ones allow their little ones to cross their legs, it is worth watching this, they will quit crossing their legs.Assists circulating at rest, lying down a foot padding. In sports, everything is really good. It is important that your mother consults with the attending physician and asks unnecessarily, rather than conducting a sport that may endanger her or her newborn baby's condition. Massaging the leg may also have a beneficial effect on the circulation of the vein during pregnancy. However, it is important to know that in case of rheumatoid arthritis or any infection of the foot, foot massaging is contraindicated. In particular, foot massage is a problem.

Careful with the massage!

A pregnant mother who has never done foot massage should only try this method after the birth of her baby. Massaging the reflexes in the body has different effects. During the test, special attention should be paid to the pelvic floor zone for those who have already taken part in foot massage and are undergoing treatment. Only a very well-prepared specialist should treat your mother's feet, because of the stress on your baby and the difficulty in circulating your veins, which can lead to increased swelling in the first nine months, which can be a common cause of fungal infections. THE foot hygiene a special chapter in the rite of cleansing underneath. Comfortable footwear (even maternity shoes), insole, cotton pads and laces when needed. Once the miracle is fulfilled, the child will be told how much it is worth following.
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