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No doctor, closed the infant and children's ward of Sorborjayjhelyi Elizabeth Kourrhaz

There is no care, the children's ward of the Siboraljah hospital is closed. Sick children need to be moved to the county hospital in Miskolc, which means 85-100 kilometers.

No doctor, infant and kid's ward of Sbtoraljaъjhely hospital closedThere is no compensation due to the lack of doctors in the infant and pediatric ward of the Sibtoraljajjhelyi Erzsébet Kuhrhaz led by the State Health Center. The following text was posted on the hospital's website on Friday, which was taken by 444: "Dear Patients, Dear Parents! feltйtelek due hiбnya hatбrozatlan time szьnetel the EMMI Orszбgos Tisztifхorvosi Feladatokйrt Felelхs Deputy Бllamtitkбr (hatбrozatszбm: 9935-2 / 2018 / EЬIG). Abaъj-the-Borsod County Zemplйn Kцzponti Kуrhбz йs University Oktatуkуrhбzat Seeking out ellбtбsбra patients йs errхl also йrtesнtette HMS szervezetйt .
The general practitioner informed the hospital by email. The care and supervision of the newborns in the Department of Birth and Care is continuously provided by the pediatric colleague of the Town Hall of Sártoraljajhely! From this time on, children in the countryside should be admitted to the Miskolc County Hospital's pediatric ward, orthopedic ward, or the inpatient ward, either during daytime or during ward hours. Infants and pediatric patients in Sbtoraljaъjhely and Sbrospataki should be referred to the City Consolidated General Practitioners for care and care during the waking hours. KURRHZZ LEADERSHIP "In Article 444hu, he points out that it has not been revealed that 40 percent of medical graduates would leave the country, not only for financial reasons but also for working conditions.