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Harassment of a Domestic Violence Criminal Offender

This movie is just the beginning of the solution. You must have it to continue. Check out this short video first!

Alбнrбsoddal join you also to the nйpi kezdemйnyezйshez by the Йlet-Йrtйk Alapнtvбny elnцke, Halбsz Pбlma indнtott, and that 50 000 alбнrбs цsszegyыjtйsйvel kнvбnja elйrni to the parliament agenda tыzze belьli the csalбdon erхszak kйrdйskцrйt the tйma megvitatбsa elхsegнtse a цnбllу tцrvйnyi tйnyбllбs szьletйsйt , and thus domestic violence in Hungary can be punishable.
The Subscriber Name can be downloaded from Filled-in letters are expected by April 20, 2012 at Pállma Halszsz, 1583 Budapest, Postafiуk 11.cnm.
In Hungary today, every single woman is subjected to some form of domestic violence, whether physical or sexual abuse, mental abuse or material threats. According to the latest domestic research conducted in this topic, at least one woman per week and one child per month die as a result of domestic violence.
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The film was written and directed by Tibor Varga
Cast: Ungara Vica (little girl), Németh Bori (mom)
Cinematographer: Secsanov Martin
Vbau: Boda Peter
Manufactured by: Café Film
Utility: Post Edison Computer Graphics