Never tell your kid this!

Never tell your kid this!

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Not only threatening, withdrawing love, scaring or humiliating can cause harm to our child, but it is also a much more common sentence.

You're a bad kid!

Occasionally, in the darkest moments, every parent is overwhelmed with the idea that their child is really evil, full of negative qualities that no method can use. And it may come to our minds to tell him that. In fact, however, children can go wrong for countless reasons, and in fact, they are not among people who are hateful. However, if they are continually told that they are bad, they will eventually believe in themselves, which can have serious consequences. It is a much better way to qualify not the child, but the behavior itself, and reinforce the child's ability to decide and act. It is still better for us to focus on the right instead of misbehaving and praise the child whenever we can!What better not to tell the child…Fotу: iStock

… Or outside…

Everyone can come to the moment when he or she is really threatening the child with something, in the hope that he or she will stop his or her anxious behavior. However, most of these threats are far from real and parents are more driven by anger. Let's focus instead on the "natural", logical consequences and talk in a relaxed voice!

Don't be so smart!

One of the best ways to make a child anxious and lack confidence is to permanently induce something that you do not want. Don't command to thank someone to hurt or kiss someone they don't want! By doing so, it only confirms that his body and its boundaries mean nothing, and anyone who can be a little stronger than he is. Practice, support, preparation can help you: talk to your child a lot about what you can expect in a situation, and try these situations at home.

Go to your room!

Although there is no negative long-term difference in the method of separation of a child, the method of parenting is not as effective as believing. Usually, parents do this so that the child "thinks" a little about his or her actions, but wrapping it around games, characters, and storybooks is the last thing the child will do.

Why can't you be like your brother?

Rivalry can be equally strong between brothers and sisters, and it is unnecessary to exacerbate this tension by pushing the parents themselves to compete and be lenient. It is a much better way for parents to teach their children to work together.

If you really want…

The question of love is the question of safety. And if a child does not feel safe, it can lead to more anxiety and misbehavior. Of course, it is important for the child to understand that his actions can provoke feelings in others, but guilt cannot be emotional blackmail. In the long run, it is better for us to assure the child of our unconditional love, but in the meantime, we are clearly telling her the feelings of her actions. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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