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Baby's First Christmas GiftWhat would the little one get? (from birth to one year old)

Not the last time you wake up: from now on, Christmas will be best for your baby. Perhaps the décor of your home will be different than before. As for the tree, definitely! We help you choose.

The baby's first Christmas gift

First friends

The newborn is counted as a whole world. It is not easy to miss out on this kind of extreme dumping. Perhaps it is best to get something that means steadiness in this changing world. You can attach these lovely little beehives to the baby's cot, the carry-on seat, or the stroller of the stroller, so you can always have your first friends with the baby. Newborns have a pumping distance of 25-30 inches, so they are the ones you see most at this distance.


The rocking calmed down your tummy as soon as she was born, she still remained the first favorite. You may not have guessed how many kilometers he or she has been up to in the apartment. Once your baby can live, it's time to get a safe baby price.

Music is a must!

Palya Bea The name of Altatok, a book with a good selection if you are a musician. It's officially a book, with a sidekick, but I think music is more important to the baby. Special songs feed on the musical treasure of many lands around the world;

Soft beak

Crocheted, soft animal shape beakers for every baby. Games made from natural materials are not harmful to health. Available in a number of colors and animal figures.

We also play bathing!

Every baby comes alive with the moment they want to bathe and play. Bathing games can be figurines and books, the more colorful and detailed the more interesting it is.Related articles in the first Christmas issue:Christmas for the youngest
First baby Christmas
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