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Mom starts working

Finding the right balance between work and privacy is not easy. Herman tells the story.

I started to study again with the kids

Christopher Tripu still has another year to return, his baby is five years old and his son is eighteen months old. He had done a number of graphic art prints and had been a print engineer for a graphic studio before he became pregnant.

"I knew that when the children were born, they would move to the first place and I would definitely spend three years at home with them. I was also conscious of age, I would have felt tired if I went back for a little while. the solution was not to run back to work fast, but to continue to train myself in these years. " pregnant I was thinking a lot.
Krisztina BĂĄr keeps in touch with her colleagues, her boss can't say for sure about the future. "I have been home for five years, of course they have hired someone. If I am thinking of going to work, uncertainty is the only sure point. If I were to retire, I would have to leave early because my brother can't go to bed my profession, that's why I'm afraid of the situation. "
As the second child, Christina began to miss the book, work. Much has been reported that his husband has found many tasks in design and marketing in the carpentry business.
"The fact that I was able to survive in different situations, She gave her confidenceand helped outline where I want to go professionally. I enrolled in an online website design course that course afterwards I have to create our awesome website. Fortunately, my brother gives me maximum support, without his help I would not be able to take the time to study. I want to do small jobs right now during childbirth, and I think it is possible at first that this form will be compatible with the needs of the family and the children. "

I rely on my grandmother

Edit Vass is the mother of one and a half year old and a two year old baby girl. She spent one year with her children at home. You can say you are lucky because you have been dismissed from your old company, where you are currently working as an accountant. The mood is fraught, and since there are many women workers, they understand that having children has something to do with it.
"I work full-time, but being close to my job did it too. However, it would have been almost impossible for my grandmother to take longer breaks - but both of them are rested, they also care about sick children. my husband works in such a timeframe that he is unable to participate in the girls' school of wisdom ".
Edit was easy to respond to after the first baby was born, but after the second she felt she had to learn a whole new profession, so much was the change. "Also, my little baby has been suckling for the night, which is a fantastic source of health, and it has made living daytime difficult. my job is importantlove and count on me ".

Again, I figured out myself

Gabriella Ruzzahegyi-Mayer, the mother of a three-year-old and a seventeen-month-old toddler, lost her condition as soon as she became pregnant. - Despite receiving only positive feedback on my work, when I found out I was pregnant, I was immediately fired. They cut off all contacts with me, and they were only willing to negotiate when I sued them and they got the time. By then, our financial and mental resources were so exhausted that we were able to accept an out-of-court settlement: they paid back a minimum amount of pay back into the months of pregnancy, but did not take it back. It was clear that I had to start from zero after puppying.
Gabriella worked in the Exhibition and Hotel decoration area, loved her job, and was successful. When it was clear that his children would not be wise, he was increasingly desperate for work.
- It was vague to me what I want to start. After more ideas and experimentation, I found a course where I became familiar with image design. I knew right away that this was my way, so I had to continue. Today, I am fortunate enough to have had the time and opportunity to rethink my work relationship and find what I am really capable of doing.