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It is not easy for the little one to be tied to illness because of illness. In such cases, it is worthwhile to use a few new games to get your attention.

Choose between different activities, you will be less bored and you will not be so burdened!

They play alone

- Have them together: move one character, give your little boy the other two. Not just tales, but frozen stories, your own lives you can also revive it this way. At this age, the movement is more of a kind character, and it captures interest, the story can be short, many times the same, or even flabby.

Jigsaw Puzzles for Younger Kids, Ideas for Playground Games

- Give the father a place, the grandma or the neighbor boy. They also deal with childhood, and this is a fact of life for him, and he learns a lot from such a situation. If you share the task more, nobody will be a burden and your little one will always be happy to expect someone.

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- You don't have to entertain the little one, as it has occupied itself alone from time to time. After the public games you may also need some rest. Leave it alone with your car or your car, but stay close to see what you're doing.
- Look at you up to a quarter together for some of the smallest ones tйvйmыsort or deed. This does not really help and is afraid that bad habits will develop. Instead, put on a song, you'll love singing your favorite children's songs several times in a row.

Terrain on the pad

- The room is tight, And something always falls down. Make more play space on the floor: drop a mattress, nahhny párrnбt, takarуt. After the first week falls, you will discover how small you are, what you can do with the plastered limb. Lying on the floor, you can move safely at your previous level of development: crawling, hammering, sliding, which keeps you amused and alert.
- Surprise him with such new games, which has enough to discover for a long time. THE puzzle for smaller children consisting of hundreds of pieces, even the fitting of a few pieces together is a success. No need to put the whole thing together, each piece has some color detail, a little scene, you could talk about each one individually. The elements can be easily fitted together, real floorboards.