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We can catch the food on our own

Not only is human-to-human nutrition as rare as a recent mass food infection has shown.

A recent major food infection calls attention to the fact that it is not so unusual for humans to be nutritionally illuminated - writes A total of 62 people were infected with this cure, many not having eaten foods infected with E.coli, but contacting those who did.We can catch the food on our own In the background of food infections, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites may be present. And the metabolites and toxins they produce cause the disease. In bacterial infections, the bacteria that cause foodborne toxicity can spread from person to person. The symptom of a nutritional characteristic is diarrhea.
A patient can give E. coli, Staphylococcus, or Salmonella to another person in the environment without washing his or her hands thoroughly after washing. If someone does not wash or wash their hands well, they can infect almost anything they touch.Also, a very small infected surface is enough for bacteria to pass from one person to another. This can be prevented by washing hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and soap. Let's use the ABC rule, that is, wash our hands as long as we say the alphabet. If we think we have an infection, do not cook anything else, cook or touch the kitchen surfaces. Also, be very careful to thoroughly wash contaminated clothes and linen. To avoid spreading the infection, we must thoroughly wipe everything with the disinfectant. Use environmentally friendly cleansers, tea tree oil, lemon, vinegar and soda have a good disinfectant effect.
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