Postpartum Hair Loss: What Can Help?

Postpartum Hair Loss: What Can Help?

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It's not just a city legend, unfortunately, it can really impress our crown. The exact cause of this is still unknown, but changes in estrogen and progesterone levels may be in the background.

What Can Help With Postpartum Hair Loss? (Fotу: iStock) Growth in pregnancy hormones slows the transition from the growth phase of the hair to the resting phase, the rest of the hair tossing changes, so you can experience pregnancy during pregnancy. During the postnatal week, the hormone levels drop to pre-pregnancy levels and the hair loss process begins again. we have no protection for our hair. However, there are a few ways we can help our body, our hair change back to normal circularity.

Increase your vitamin B intake

All forms of vitamin B are extremely important if you are pregnant, as it contributes to the reduction of birth defects, the development of infant brain, and the loss of maternity. Vitamin B7, a biotin, helps to reduce hair loss and hair loss. Oat, nipple, avocado and salmon are great sources of biotin.

Choose hair products for fine hair

If you are choosing shampoo, conditioner, avoid intensive hair mask words during pregnancy and then choose products for fine, thin hair. These help to keep hair smooth and shine.

Let's eat greens, fruits

Healthy eating is important for a number of reasons, and it also contributes to restoring hormonal balance as soon as possible after pregnancy. Flavonoids can also be found in vegetables and fruits, which have been proven to boost hair growth, faster regeneration.

We believe it better

Excessive heat only damages the hair even more, so during pregnancy and afterwards, we try to avoid using hair straighteners. It's also a good idea to choose a hair dryer that has a cool air function, And at the end of the drying process to cool the hair down. We can also use cool products to protect our hair before drying.

Let's be careful

No matter what products we use or use, it is very important that we do not physically harm our hair, especially when wet. Use rarer teeth, carefully remove any lumps, and be careful not to over-tighten the harp or bun. The less stress your hair gets, the less it will break down (VIA)Related links: