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It's ovis and sex

Don't say anything close to you, because in our world today, it is inevitable. He knows there is something, because somehow babies are born. And sometimes you close the bedroom door for yourself. And they come in the year.

Children become aware of their gender by age. That is to say, the Rozi girl stays with her hair cut and in pants, while Máty is a boy, even if she has long hair and takes a rope. They also find that they themselves are boys or girls, until the end of their lives, and that the phrase "I'll be a little girl" is slowly falling behind. ovis in love will. But really. It's okay if your lover doesn't play with him or if he laughs because he talks about lover. (You're never going to do that ?!) Her emotions are completely serious, even if she's another ovist after a week, or maybe more than one subject of love. Of course, sex is not a central concern. Emotional bases are formed. Meaningful sentiments are also ripe for discover your body, and senses that your genitalia is sensitive, gives you a nice feeling when you touch it.

Get up to speed soon

You don't expect to be questioned about it, but you can approach it from another site. "How did the baby fall into the tummy?" You have your suspicions, your thoughts. It's logical that you swallow it because it's in your stomach. Or it grew like cabbage in the garden. You do not have to be doubted if you tell them like that, but also tell your version, in short and numerical terms. If you're upset about Mom and Dad's cells and your baby is developing in your tummy, so be it. The ovis don't have to be clear about the details of sex, but if the bedroom calls for closure, you shouldn't say that they love to be alone with your dad and you.

Here's a book!

You bet that you don't want to know too much about it before you were in high school or high school. But once the time comes. If you want to call a good book, you're in a great position because the classic comic has come out again: Peti, Ida and Picuri. Grethe Fagerström йs Gunilla Hansson his book helped a lot of today's parents in their childhood, and since then it was only available in publishing or photocopying. THE Mуra Issue it was once again available today. Not only technical details "how will the baby be?" but also introduces a family life where a good changes with baby baby all appear in close proximity.Look in the book on the publisher's website! If you like it, buy it and read it before sitting down with the kids to avoid being surprised. If you think of something else, say it, but the pictures help a lot in this case too. It is not a good idea if you have the book in your child's hand, read it, or have it in your hand. You may not be able to correctly interpret it, and may even include a bunch of new requests that you dare not ask, considering your stay. If it is difficult for you to talk about conception, pregnant, talk to another adult who has a good relationship with your child and who is more relaxed about the issue. You're not a bad parent, just being honest.Marie-Claude Monchaux: The shitty little girlThe book, released in the early '70s, is a classic. Marika tells the story of her birth from the time her parents were killed. The book fits in perfectly with the light of 3-6 year olds, explains beautiful and lovely drawings.Anna Herzog: Mom in the belly Oscar and Mia are very excited because they are about to give birth to small brothers. But how did the baby's mother get on? Dear Enlightened Book on Conception and Birth Requirements. Specialists prepared with the involvement of.Doris Rьbel: Where does the baby come from?Children's fantasy is the subject of a particularly excited topic What does? Why can? How ?, Volume 20. Children's tongue gives birth to insight from conception to gender.They may also be interested in:
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