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Take your pocket seriously!

Many women have a leaner, which in most cases is just a malicious change.

Take your pocket seriously!It may affect young people, hormonal changes during adolescence, sexually transmitted diseases in young adulthood, but may also occur frequently after vaginal birth or even in spiral women. Dr. Singh Margit, a gynecologist at Duna Medical Center also warns that lice is a common cause of infections.

Not a wound

It is probably only because of the appearance of divergence that this term has become widespread, as there is no real zebra. The inside of the cushion has a reddish web that produces a dark red ribbon, which is visible from the surface of the cushion with a bright, pinkish sheet. If you have more irregular vaginal bleeding, menstrual bleeding, and post-sexual haemorrhage, it is worth checking with your doctor. It is common in adolescence and rare after menopause.

What causes it?

Various sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Herpes, Gonorrhea and syphilis can also contribute to its development. Unfortunately, this is also the case, but the already existing drier density of the whites is an increased risk of infections. Improperly used vaginal treatment for weight loss or disruption of the normal vaginal flora can lead to wound formation, but can also occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.It is called It can also develop as a result of mechanical irritation of the mammary gland, such as using a tampon or using a spiral. The most specific test that must be performed in such cases is the so-called colposcopy, which is used to test for abnormalities in the surface of the ovum, with great assistance. If the thinner was not known at the time, a cancerous death may be justified.

Plus kale and sexual health

Overexposure is not a condition in itself, but can cause hormonal dysfunction. It is able to produce fatty tissue in our body, which can contribute to the development of a softer body. Its role in maintaining adequate intimate hygiene, which often causes problems with overdose, and in returning infections is not negligible.

When should I go?

If you do not complain about the thinner and the annual cancerous pattern, no treatment is needed. If, on the other hand, it causes a persistent vaginal discharge or bleeding, then there is a greater chance of getting infections, since with less resistance, the vaginal mixing also changes. If the result of cancer is unsatisfactory or abnormal, malignancy may develop over the years in the absence of treatment.

Freezing, burning, lasing

There are several types of surgery for treating the whiteness, including the unsuitable hem, the destruction or elimination of the whiteness, which then sits on the side of the wound. This can be caused by burning, freezing, radio frequency or laser. It is important that no interventional sampling is performed during the interventions. If the results of your cancer are not soothing, you need to take a sample. For example, in the event of an infection, after proper treatment with the drug, recovery of the vaginal flux can be achieved. On the other hand, if the result of the cancer is unsatisfactory, it is essential to have a biopsy and surgery, which will usually eliminate the mucous membrane. Most interventions are ambulatory, with minimal discomfort and only a few vaginal bleeding for a few days.
  • The pulp is actually not a wound
  • Abdominal discomfort may also indicate cervical discomfort
  • Chlamydia fertхzйs