So deal with your motherly guilt

So deal with your motherly guilt

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It is very common, especially for newborn mothers, that they do not feel well enough to be good mothers, they are unperturbed.

Account for Maternal Guilt (Fotу: iStock) If expectations and currency are so far apart that it causes anxiety, it's time to think about how you can deal with guilt. To this we add some braces!

Talk to someone about roula

It can be your mother, your husband, your friend, or even another mom from the playground, the point being that you choose someone you trust and know your situation. Tell him you are picking yourself up, talk about what is causing your frustration, it will be easier to solve.

Don't mourn for any messy things

Life is full of tiny disappointments and ruined little bucks that we forget to count. Instead of picking up water for these reasons, tell yourself that everything is okay. If you are grieving about things that are broken, the pure emotional reaction instead of listening to your mind will go beyond the problem and look into the future!

Snooze one

If you have a very strong sense of guilt, it can help if you sleep a little. We do not recommend a cross-country dormant sleep, but a maximum of half an ounce of rest will increase your energy level and lower your blood pressure due to nervousness.

So kind with you

Generally, it is much easier to be kind to others and to make mistakes, than to do the same for yourself. But it's worth starting to work on not having your own skin and not killing yourself. Think that all people make mistakes, everyone can have a bad day and you are no exception.

Accept that you can't do everything

There are things you simply cannot change, and instead of worrying about them, you better get into it. Compromises made with yourself are inevitable, therefore leave your guilt and the time you spend on sin to spend it on yourself or your family.

Record some Jin time

It is important to realize first of all that Iin time is not a crazy thing, because if you feel better and more balanced, it will also have a positive effect on your loved ones and your immediate environment. This does not mean that you practice lynx for one day, but that you become part of your life regularly. This will be a good pattern for your children as well, as we learn to care for ourselves. Jin has also helped you exercise patience, live better in the present, and live the moments. (VIA)Related links: