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Children with Acidity: How to Help?

Children with Acidity: How to Help?

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Very common status among especially small educators, therefore, it is worth summarizing the reasons you have chosen and possible steps to resolve it. Dr. Tibor Kovács, Adviser of the Infant and Children's Hospital of the Svabhegy Children's Hospital.

Children with Acidity: How to Help?

The first step in developing a cone is that the child is very hard on his or her deafness. This bekцvetkezhet diйta hibбbуl (kevйs fiber, a zцldsйgek, gyьmцlcsцk fogyasztбsa which szйkrekedйsre hajlamosнthatnak) elйgtelen folyadйk-ellбtottsбgbуl (folyadйkvesztйs erхs izzadбs possibly hбnyбs sorбn non megfelelх mennyisйgы ivбs) or akбr voluntary szйkletvisszatartбsbуl (e. Foreign kцrnyezet йlmйnye kцzцssйgbe kerьlйskor) .Chewing hard stock can be uncomfortable, painful, and may even involve the cracking of its end users. As a result, fresh blood may appear on the surface of the faeces. Cracked ends will cause further pain when cutting. Negative conditions associated with heart failure encourage the child to hold back the heart when he or she is experiencing a stimulus, because he or she wants to avoid unpleasant pain. Unfortunately, suppressing the stimulus of diversion leads to the habitual constipation, thus leading the child to poor control of vegetative control. With all the complaints will йs this fбjdalmas ьrнtйsйt sajбt konzervбlni itself szбmбra kivбltу kemйny, bogyуs szйkleteket, ie szйkrekedйse krуnikussб vбlik.A kemйny szйklet vйgbйlgyыrыt rйszlegesen to keep open the ezйrt mцgцtte lйvх lazбbb szйklet kцrbefolyhatja йs open vйgbйlen keresztьl kiьrьlhet, polluting the fehйrnemыt . In this case, parents suspect diarrhea problems, and only the exact messages indicate that they have the opposite problem.

How do we help?

Of course, it is not the intention to eliminate diets that are prone to constipation, but one-sidedness is definitely a good idea. If you experience a szьlх to gyermekйnйl certain йlelmiszerek the szйklet elmaradбsбt okozzбk, you szerencsйs the elfogyasztбsuk napjбn a rostdъs zцldsйgfйlйket, gyьmцlcsцket is inserted into the йtrendbe that the inkбbb szйkletьrнtйsre kedvezх hatбssal bнrnak.Valamennyi йletkorban the folyadйkbevitel emelйse segнthet.A fiber intake fokozбsa mindenkйppen elхnyцs for the resolution of complaints. For older children, fibrous fruit juices, marmalades, muesli, aloe vera gel given before breakfast are fun to use. Fхkйppen tъlsъlyos children in difficult rбvenni korosztбlyuktуl elvбrhatу fizikбlis aktivitбsra but tъlzott tйvйnйzйs, szбmнtуgйpezйs the mozgбstуl also takes the idхt.Ha the szйkrekedйs not szыnik the above йtrendi йs йletmуdbeli vбltoztatбsokkal, you бtmenetileg Laevolac syrup adhatу a child that does not szнvуdik up but it has a good effect inside. The purpose of the gift is to give the child a formidable set every day. In the event that you are regularly depleted daily for 10-14 days with Laevolac, you may want to try to leave the donation. During this time, the vegetative regulation of the child's nervous system "switches" to the ideal daily routine. For larger infants, 1/2, 3 years of age, 1 glycerol may be administered to control the excitement, but should be used only occasionally, and regular exercise should be avoided. If you do not produce a stool by mouth, glycerol endoscopy, then you can eliminate the "stubborn" stool by a doctor's examination. Of course, in this case too, the goal is to eliminate the root causes of constipation, and to settle the rhythm of narrowing as quickly as possible.
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