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Smoking during pregnancy can also cause pain

There is a greater risk of pelvic pain during pregnancy for women who smoke - we found in a Danish study.

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Quit smoking

playback 5,000 women were interviewed for the research either on or immediately after their condition. It turned out that during pregnancy, women smoked 20 percent pelvic pains appeared with greater currencylike their non-smoking counterparts. According to a study published in the BJOG magazine, the women who left the cigarette during the first trimester of pregnancy found a similar risk.
Indoor pelvic pain occurs in 14 to 33 percent of pregnant women, most often in the second half of pregnancy. Pain can interfere with basic activities such as walking, getting awake or even turning around in your mind.

Smoking during pregnancy is also harmful and painful

The data from the study were derived from a Danish survey of 100,000 pregnancies between 1996 and 2002, in which women were interviewed during and six months after childbirth. The current study looks at the data of 2,300 women who reported spinal pain and 2,700 women who did not report this problem.
As Karin Biering researcher stressed that the results of the study did not necessarily show a causal relationship between pain and smoking, but that there were many reasons why pregnant women do not smoke.
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