Migraine: There is another solution for small children and children

Almost one in ten people struggle with migraine, with this tricky, complex type of headache. Famous people are also known to be migrants, many are his. they suffered from migraine.

Dr. Vida Zsuzsanna, a neurologist at the Brain Pain Center in Buda, summarizes what migrants need to know.

Significantly reduces the quality of life

Laryngeal loss, sensory disturbances, numbness? Lewis Carroll, whose most well-known book, Alice in Wonderland, is known to have been inspired by the phenomenon of the Aura Migrants, must have encountered such phenomena. Other celebrities also know that they were migrants, Julius Caesar, Saint Paul, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Frederic Chopin, Tchaikovsky, all known for their big headaches. the incidence of migraine is 8-12% of the total population. Without the aura of migraine, it occurs in 2/3 of the cases, with the remainder occurring in 1/3 of the cases. Mainly women between the ages of 20 and 50 are suffering from this serious problem of quality of life, which is a common cause of incapacity and nutrition. Migraine is one of the primary headaches, including tension type and trigeminal autonomic headache. Primary or non-headache means no other headache-causing disease in the background. whether it occurs at sleep, how strong, what its nature, its localization, whether there are isolated, severe, or mild factors. Today, with the exception of acute and certain special cases, the rules of the profession require an MRI examination. However, it is not necessary to conduct the examination if you are suffering from a typical migraine that does not change for a long time, does not change in nature, frequency, or is associated with an epileptic seizure or a progressive neurological symptom. Zsuzsanna Vida, neurologist of the Buda Pain Center, headache specialist.

What is an aura?

A migraine, whether with aura or not, has the following typical features: - Mostly it occurs on one side of the head, in the form of aching pain.
- Tens of pain-inducing scales of 6-9 strength.
- It can take up to one or two days outdoors or up to 1-2 days.
- Enhances physical activity.
- It is often associated with nausea, nausea, light-headedness.
- She's three times more likely to show up.
- Aura feature can prevent pain. The aura is a reversible neurologic symptom occurring in the anterior period of the headache, lasting a few minutes - up to one hour. It can also occur without a headache. The most common and the most typical is the visual aura, but there are other shapes. Possible aura symptoms: - visual (eg, loss of vision, loss, fortification spectrum - appearance of a medieval fortress-like appearance in the body),
- sensory (eg numbness of face, tongue, extremity - this can be easily confused with stroke),
- speech disorder,
- motorized (eg weakness of the limb),
- Brainstorm.Many of the aura features are specifically thought of as visual symptoms and they also appear in the aforementioned wonderland. In fact, visual phenomena are generally black and white, moving outward from the center, mostly in the zigzag line - these are typically described by patients as lightning. Fading may occur, which means black or white spots appear in the fading pane. Micropsia and macropsia are not uncommon when the patient sees objects smaller or larger than Alice's button in the morning.

How to handle it?

In the case of migraine, we have different treatment for seizure and preventive treatment. The purpose of seizure management is to reduce the incidence or severity of onset or onset complaints. Combinations of a combination of vomiting and painkillers can be well used as an addictive drug. In addition, triptans (specifically anti-migraine agents) are a remedy for migraine headaches that cause greater or greater disability. Preventive treatment is recommended if you experience more frequent or prolonged headaches. These drugs should be taken regularly, such as certain antidepressants, certain anti-epileptic drugs, or beta-blockers, of course, only with proper medical supervision, Doctor Vida emphasizes. For a group of migrant women - pregnant women, children, stress-relieved headaches - relaxation techniques and psychotherapy can be effective. Lifestyle changes can also help, especially regular, non-stressful physical activity, regular meals and adherence to appropriate sleep periods. You should also consult an orthopedic specialist to rule out possible musculoskeletal causes.